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Articles on Language / Language Assessments

Ages and Stages - Developmental Milestones for Receptive & Expressive Language Acquisition
Assessment and Intervention for Bilingual Children with Phonological Disorders
Assessment of Language Learning in English Speaking Children
Aural Habilitation Update: The Role of Speech Production Skills of Infants and Children With Hearing Loss
Being Conscious Caretakers of Communication Opportunities Created by New Technologies in Children's Speech and Language Therapy - featured June 24, 2011
Building Language Skills in Children with Autism
Child Word Finding: Student Voices Enlighten Us - featured January 12, 2011
College Students Help Non-Verbal Children Communicate Many For The First Time - featured November 23, 2010
Connecting Reading Fluency and Oral Language for Student Success
Contribution of Language Skills to Long-term Outcomes for Children from Disadvantaged Backgrounds
Defining Bilingualism
Differential Diagnosis of Severe Speech Impairment in Young Children
Down Syndrome and Language Acquisition - January, 2010
Dynamic Assessment of Language and Literacy
Early Language Acquisition in Infants
Early Literacy and Language Identification and Intervention
Early Milestones in the Development of Spoken English
Echolalia...Friend or Foe? - November 2008
Effective Interventions for Specific Language Impairment
ESOL Placement and Assessment of English Language Learners - featured April 30, 2010
Evidence-Based Practice in Schools: Integrating Craft and Theory with Science and Data
Factors that Influence Language Development
Fostering Language Development in Children from Disadvantaged Backgrounds
Guest Blog - First Sound Series Books - featured November 1, 2011
Guest Blog: Broken Cell Phones Get Students Talking in Speech Therapy - featured August 8, 2011
Guest Blog: Brown Bear, Brown Bear - featured November 10, 2011
Guest Blog: Do You Like to Throw Rocks During Speech Therapy? - featured June 29, 2011
Guest Blog: I-Therapy - featured February 18, 2011
Guest Blog: It’s in the Clouds—Therapy Ideas - featured September 19, 2011
Guest Blog: My Favorite Therapy Tool - featured June 1, 2011
Guest Blog: Playing With Boogers and Dog Food in Speech Therapy - featured October 4, 2011
Guest Blog: Should My Late Talker Get Speech Therapy? Depends on Who You Talk To! - featured July 28, 2011
Guest Blog: Top Preschool Books to Encourage Language Development - featured March 18, 2011
Guest Blog: What Makes a Good Language Toy? - featured June 16, 2011
Guest Blog: Winter Books: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow - featured February 3, 2011
Guest Blog: Get Your Hands Dirty - featured April 27, 2011
Guest Blog: Language Therapy Using Dropbox - featured March 8, 2011
Guest Blog: Othello: A Speech Strategy
Guest Blog: So Much More Than Words on a Page - featured April 15, 2011
Guest Blog: Who Do We Ask When We Don't Know Which Way to Go? - featured July 8, 2011
Helping Parents Become Effective Language Facilitators - December 2006
Language Development and its Impact on Children's Psychosocial and Emotional Development
Language Intervention from a Bilingual Mindset
Language Processing and Comprehension Issues and Children with CAS
Language-Based Learning Disabilities
Language, Culture, and Literacy: A Report from the ASHA Schools Conference
Linking Phonology and Language: Approaches, Target Selection and Intervention Ideas - featured November 5, 2010
Literacy as an Outcome of Language Development and its Impact on Children's Psychosocial and Emotional Development
Literacy, Language and Emotional Development
Otitis Media and Children’s Language and Learning
Prevalence of Speech and Language Disorders in Children
Product Review: 'Speech Buddies' - featured March 22, 2011
Programs Supporting Young Children's Language Development
Relations Among Speech, Language, and Reading Disorders
Semantic and Pragmatic Difficulties - and Semantic Pragmatic Language Disorder
Services and Programs Supporting Young Children's Language Development
Serving Students With Spoken and Written Language Challenges: It's In the Cards
Short- and Long-Term Outcomes for Children with Primary Language Impairment (PLI)
SLP Corner: Everyday Language Activities: Grocery Shopping With a Toddler - featured December 28, 2011
Social Skills Fuel Language Acquisition
Speech-Language-Reading Connections, and a Case Study of a Child with CAS whose Speech, Language and Reading Disabilities were Successfully Treated - featured April 29, 2011
Stuck for words? Word Retrieval Activities For Children - featured August 9, 2011
Summer Reading Programs for English Language Learners, Low SES, and Underserved Students - featured June 25, 2010
Summer Reading Programs for English Language Learners, Low SES, and Underserved Students - featured June 25, 2010
Summer Reading Programs for English Language Learners, Low SES, and Underserved Students - featured June 25, 2010
Talk to Me: Issues in Acquiring Spoken Language for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders - featured April 9, 2010
The Causal Effects of Genes on Language Disorders across Clinical Conditions
The Impact of Language Development on the Psychosocial and Emotional Development of Young Children
The Importance of Gesture in Learning to Communicate - featured February 23, 2011
The Power of Music: Musical Practice & Brain Development
Theory of Mind: Language and Cognition in Deaf Children
Transition to Secondary School: Supporting Pupils with Speech, Language and Communication Needs: Report to the Communication Trust - featured August 2, 2011
Utilizing Read Alouds to Develop Literacy and Language Skills - featured August 24, 2011
What Causes Specific Language Impairment in Children?
What role do genes play in language skills?
Why We Hate Forward Facing Strollers - featured April 29, 2011
Worth Repeating: Diagnosis of Specific Language Impairment - featured September 19, 2011
Worth Repeating: Playground Pragmatics - featured November 7, 2011
Worth Repeating: What Works for Early Language and Literacy Development - featured August 31, 2011
Worth Repeating: 30 Speech and Language Goals for the Thomas the Train Table - featured October 31, 2011

Featured News of the Week on Language / Language Assessments

'The King's Tongue Twisters' - More from the New York Times with Carolyn Bowen Quoted - featured December 13, 2010
American Sign Language in the News - featured December 14, 2010
Babies May Pick Up Language Cues In Womb, Cry with an Accent - featured November 12, 2009
Babies Process Language In A Grown-Up Way - featured January 11, 2011
Even Background Television May Delay Speech in Toddlers - June 5, 2009
Even Before Language, Babies Learn the World Through Sounds - featured July 20, 2011
From Grunting To Gabbing: Why Humans Can Talk - featured August 16, 2010
Gene Discovery Offers Clues To How Infants Pick Up Language - featured February 14, 2011
Imaging Study Sheds Light on Neural Origins of Baby Talk - featured August 10, 2010
In Brain-Injured Children, Gesturing Predicts Language Delays - 26 March 2010
Infants Raised in Bilingual Environments Can Distinguish Unfamiliar Languages - featured February 23, 2011
Language Function in Children May be Due to Epileptic Brain Activity - featured April 20, 2010
Left Brain Talks To The Right Hand, Study Finds - featured October 25, 2010
Medicaid Payments to States Increase. Health Insurers Back Down from Efforts to Exclude Children with Certain Pre-Existing Conditions - featured April 2, 2010
MIT Scientist Captures 90,000 Hours of Video of Son's First Words and Graphs It - featured March 8, 2011
Newly Identified Brain Pathways Vital to Understanding Language - featured November 22, 2010
Not so Fast Baby Einstein - Infants do not Appear to Learn Words from Educational DVDs - featured March 2, 2010
Our Brains Are Wired So We Can Better Hear Ourselves Speak - featured December 9, 2010
Phonetic Clues Hint Language Is Africa-Born - featured April 20, 2011
Preterm Infant Exposure To Parental Voice Encourages Vocalizations - featured October 20, 2011
Research News: Gene Associated With Language, Speech And Reading Disorders Identified - featured September 4, 2009
Research Shows 'Robust' Link Between Preschool, Language and Literacy - featured August 23, 2011
Researchers Develop Tool to Identify Bilingual Children with True Language Disorders - featured November 1, 2010
Scientists Discover Gene Key to Human Speech - November 6, 2009
Sign Language Study Shows Multiple Brain Regions Wired for Language - featured April 30, 2010
Speaking and Understanding Speech Share the Same Parts of the Brain - featured August 17, 2011
Specific Language Impairment in the News - featured December 2, 2010
Study Shows that Late Talkers Do Fine as They Grow Up - featured July 20, 2011
Two Year Old Children Understand Complex Grammar - featured August 23, 2011
Why Things Dont Add Up for Some Students -featured January 18, 2011
Words, Gestures Are Translated by Same Brain Regions, Says New Research - November 13, 2009

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