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Integrating AAC Into the Classroom - Low-Tech Strategies

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Integrating AAC Into the Classroom, Low-Tech Strategies

Downey, D. , Daugherty, P. , Helt, S. & Daugherty, D. (2004, September 21). The ASHA Leader.

According to ASHA, approximately 2 million people in the United States have difficulty or are unable to communicate using oral language (see the AAC page). For a large number of these individuals, an augmentative/alternative communication (AAC) system may be a tool to either supplement or replace their limited oral communication attempts. Although many equate AAC with high-end technology and high expense, for some potential users the most ideal AAC systems are often low-tech solutions with a minimal price tag. The key to implementing low-tech options in the classroom is identifying appropriate low-tech strategies and pairing them with motivating classroom activities that are rich with communication prospects.

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