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Infant & Childhood Stroke Fact Sheet - featured November 5, 2010

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[Source: CHASA]

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Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association, a 501©(3) non-profit organization, to help provide research awards to scientists who engage in infant or childhood stroke research.

What is a Stroke?
A stroke occurs when the blood supply to any part of the brain is interrupted, resulting in tissue injury and loss of brain function.

How often does childhood stroke occur?
  • A number of strokes occur prior to birth, but it is unclear how often this happens
  • Stroke occurs at a higher rate in infants who are less than 1 year old; around 1 in 4000 live births
  • For children 1-18 years old, stroke occurs in 6 out of 100,000 children
  • 5 - 10% of children will die from their stroke

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