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Hippotherapy for Rett Syndrome

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Sarah Turner has Rett Syndrome.. she cannot eat, walk, talk or use her hands in any way..She is tube fed, epileptic and suffers with a scoliosis (curved spine). She was a 'normal baby until she was 2 years old when she went through a developmental regression. She has been horse riding since she was 3 years old and through this has maintained a straight spine and good posture. She loves these sessions and at the age of 16 can now ride for 30 minutes with someone just holding her foot. She attends 'St Margarets School' which is a part of 'The Children's Trust' in Tadworth, Surrey (UK). They specialise in meeting the needs of girls with Rett Syndrome. She is taken weekly to the Diamond Centre, Carshalton for her horse riding where she usually rides Ace. The dedication of the people who do this with her is amazing and we cannot thank them enough for giving her this opportunity.

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