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Guest Blog: Just a Kid Again - featured January 18, 2011

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Guest Blog: Just a Kid Again

By: Janelle LoBello

All material Copyright © 2010 Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Paralysis Resource Center. Reprinted with the express permission of Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation as originally published on their Daily Dose Blog

Chase Ford was just two-years-old when his world changed forever. He fell off a couch hitting hit head on the couch's arm, resulting in a spinal cord injury.

Through a vigorous program at the Reeve Foundation's NeuroRecovery Network (NRN) Center at Frazier Rehab in Kentucky, Chase, now seven-years-old, is just a kid again.

"He's seven, but has the mental capacity of being older than that," says Renee. "He had to learn to adjust and that he can't do it the way you do it, or the way mom does it, or the way his brother and sister do it. He has had to learn if ‘I can't do it this way, then how do I do it?'"

Renee credits Chase's growth and recovery on his youth and strength.

"The amazing resiliency of a child is they will figure things out to where sometimes an adult will let it hinder him," explains Renee of Chase's recovery. "A child will push through to get it done. And to keep up with what other children do, they'll push through to do the same thing. They want to be able to do the same things as other children."

Walking independently with minor or no assistance at all of walker, Chase Ford sure doesn't let what happened to him five-years-ago get him down.

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