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For Teen, 4-H Experience Speaks Volumes - featured September 9, 2010

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The last thing Jenna Benson expected was that joining 4-H six years ago would be a life-changing experience.

Jenna, 17, of Campbell, said her mother signed her up for 4-H when she was 12 as a way to interact with other kids her age.

Though she was happy to meet new people, Jenna, who has a speech disorder called apraxia, said she also was hesitant.

“I was afraid that people would make fun of the way I talk,” she said.

Jenna said it wasn’t until her second Canfield Fair in 4-H that she began to come out of her shell. And she never looked back.

“Being in 4-H helped me because it made me talk, and it made me not afraid to talk,” she said.

Anngel Benson, Jenna’s mother, said that after about a year in the program, she noticed the change within her daughter.

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