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Fine Motor Skills for Older Children - featured July 19, 2011

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Here is a great list of 50 fine motor skills activities for older children written by 'Mr. Jeremy' of the New Hope International School in Tokyo. Jeremy has a nice blog that we will continue to monitor.

[Source: Make Learning Fun]

Fine motor skills are crucial for everyone, but focused practice on them usually ends in preschool or kindergarten. Older children often need a little more work, especially to increase the legibility of their handwriting, but just practicing penmanship is boring. How can working on fine motor skills be fun?

Here are some fun activities to improve fine motor skills. Of course everyone has different different likes and dislikes, so to make sure there are at least a few choices to suit everyones interests, I present fifty fine motor skills activities for older children.

Check out Jeremy's List of 50 Fine Motor Skills Activities for Older Children

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