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Feel Good Story/Video of the Week - Paralyzed Dog Travels on Wheels; is in Training to Become Therapy Dog - featured October 25, 2010

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Special Thanks to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation for blogging this heartwarming story. Please share this story with the kiddos in wheelchairs that you work with.

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[Source: Reeve Foundation]

Whether it's two legs or two wheels, this California pooch is full of energy and love.

Daphne the Chihuahua (pictured) does not seem to notice that she is not like other dogs. She runs with the other dogs, she plays in the grass, and she occasionally disobeys her owner. Daphne doesn’t seem to notice that she only walks with the help of a special wheelchair, she only plays where the grass is not too long to stop her wheels, and she relies on her owner for full time care. She is a happy dog, and for the first time in over a year she is able to wag her tail to show it.

Daphne was paralyzed in an accident in 2009. She was taken to the Turlock Animal Shelter with a broken back after part of a fence fell on her. She lost the ability to move her back legs and tail, and lost all bladder control. Brenda Southerland of HOPE Small Animal Rescue took in the paraplegic dog to care for her until a forever home could be found.

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Watch a Video of this Inspiring Pooch on the Turlock

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