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Feel Good Story of the Week: Outstanding Penmanship Award Goes to Boy with No Hands - featured April 11, 2011

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[Source: The Daily Mail (UK)]

He once wanted to know why he couldn't ask Santa Claus to give him arms and legs.

Now Nicholas Maxim has proved that he doesn't need either, by winning a national award for handwriting - despite not having hands.

The fifth-grader at Readfield Elementary School in Maine writes - in cursive, no less - by holding a pencil between his arms, which end just above where the elbow should be.

His efforts are so impressive that teachers at his school quietly submitted one of his papers to the National Handwriting Contest.

And for judges sifting through the 200,000 entries in the annual contest run by Ohio-based textbook publisher Zaner-Bloser, Nick's handwriting stood out like a beacon.

They were so impressed with the elaborate twirls and whorls of Nick's carefully formed sentences that they created a special award for students with disabilities.

Nick, who was born with arms that end just above the elbow and one leg that ends just above the knee, received the first Nicholas Maxim Special Award for Excellent Penmanship at a surprise school assembly this week.

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