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Father Sues Doctors Over 'Fraudulent' Autism Therapy - featured March 10, 2010

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[Source: ABC News]

In perhaps the first lawsuit of its kind, a parent of a boy with autism is suing his son's doctors, claiming they provided treatments without proven scientific benefit. The suit says the treatments were expensive and carried risks of serious harm.

James Coman filed the suit in Cook County Circuit Court against Dr. Anjum Usman and Dr. Daniel Rossignol over the treatment of his 7-year-old son with autism. Usman treated the boy at her clinic in Naperville, Ill., while Rossignol prescribed treatments by phone without meeting the patient, the suit alleges.

"It's fraud, pure and simple, and they made a lot of money off my family and they're making a lot of money off a lot of families," Coman told

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