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Early Milestones in the Development of Spoken English

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Early Milestones in the Development of Spoken English

Karla K. McGregor, Ph.D., (Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Iowa) and Larissa K. Samuelson, Ph.D., (Department of Psychology, Iowa Center for Developmental and Learning Sciences, University of Iowa)

Published online 05-22-08 in the Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network in their Encyclopedia of Language and Literacy Development

Although there are differences in rate of learning, children learn the major forms and functions of English in a predictable sequence. This makes it possible to specify milestones of development that may be useful to clinicians, teachers, or parents interested in tracking the progress of an individual child. This article describes a set of milestones that are readily observable and that illustrate the emergence of language from the child’s growing capacities for speech production, social communication, and symbol use. We present the milestones in a general developmental order, but in real life, the “next” achievement often emerges before the first one is completely mastered, and as complexity increases, the timing of these achievements becomes more variable from child to child.

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