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D.J. Gregory, a Person with CP, Walking the PGA Tour

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If you haven't already heard about D.J. Gregory, a young man with cerebral palsy (CP), we think you should. D.J. has decided to walk every PGA Tour event during the 2008 regular season

When D.J. was an infant, doctors told his parents he would never walk. Now 30, D.J. walks with a cane, holds a master degree in Sports Marketing, lives independently, works as an entrepreneur and lets nothing stand in his way. D.J. is truly living his life without limits and wants the world to know that people with disabilities can do whatever their hearts' desire. D.J. has already secured numerous sponsorships for his adventures, including underwriting from the PGA Tour, Southwest Airlines and Ashworth.

In fact,D.J. appeared on March 8 & 9, 2008 on the Golf Channel's Golf Central to discuss his incredible journey on the PGA Tour.

Please don't miss this opportunity to follow D.J.'s adventure and support him and all people with disabilities who are living full, independent and productive lives.

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