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Didnt Speak Until Age Five and Now Off to College - featured June 2, 2010

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[Source: Jewish]

Jesse Tohl played the Persian peddler Ali Hakim in his school’s production of “Oklahoma!” this spring. What makes that fact remarkable is that Tohl was born with oral apraxia and dysarthria, conditions in which facial muscles that control speech do not function properly.

Tohl didn’t speak at all until he was 5, and he was mostly unintelligible until around fourth grade. Now, after years of speech therapy, he speaks slowly but articulately.

“I was watching the video of our play, and I was really shocked to discover that I was one of the few cast members who spoke loud enough and clear enough that I was able to be understood,” Tohl said.

He owes a lot of that to the speech pathologist at Summit View, where he has been since fifth grade. Summit View, a part of The Help Group, is a school for kids with learning differences.

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