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Device Shows Promise in Treating Type of Cerebral Palsy- featured July 17, 2009

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[Source: REUTERS]

A Study lead by a French team of Researches has found that zapping the brain with a mild electrical current appears to help patients with dystonia, a difficult-to-treat form of cerebral palsy.

Deep brain stimulators can improve movement problems in people with primary dystonia. They are implanted either near the collar bone or the abdomen and connected by a wire to electrodes placed in the brain. A tiny generator sends electrical pulses to the brain to control movement.

In this study, Vidailhet attached the leads to the globus pallidus internus area of the brain, the same brain region targeted in dystonia patients. After a year, eight out of the 13 people had improvements in motor symptoms, Vidailhet reported in Lancet Neurology.

Reuters, reported that although the study sample is small, that results may offer promise.

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