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Controversial Autism Therapy in the News - featured June 28, 2011

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[Source: Time Magazine]

Some unproven psychological therapies and techniques for autism aren't simply ineffective. They can split families and cause untold harm to children, as one family in Michigan learned at terrible cost.

The Detroit Free Press recently published a six-part investigation into the harrowing case of the Wendrow family, who have two children with autism spectrum disorders. The parents encouraged the use of facilitated communication (FC), a highly controversial technique that aims to help autistic people communicate by using a keyboard with the aide of another person. Despite the fact that FC has been widely debunked, the Wendrows strongly believe it helped their autistic and mute daughter.

FC is what led to a false accusation of sex abuse against the Wendrows by their own child. That left the parents in jail and their two autistic children in foster care.

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