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College Student Finds Therapy Through Acting - Feel Good Story of the Week - featured April 22, 2011

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[Source: the SUNY Leader]

According to the dictionary, a stutter can be defined as "distorted speech characterized principally by blocks or spasms interrupting the rhythm." In the United States alone, over three million people are affected by this disorder says the Stuttering Foundation of America. While this may be a reason for some to be shy or anti-social, often times this isn't the case. Many other people find ways to overcome this impairment. Through classes, practice and other methods they prevent this from hindering their lives. You probably wouldn't think that theater and acting would be a potential solution; but one student here at Fredonia found this worked for him.

Senior acting major Matt Nersinger of Webster, NY may be known for his stage roles but at one time his stutter defined him. Since childhood, Matt struggled with a speech impediment that he wouldn't address until late middle school.

Growing up, Matt never thought he would be an actor. He assumed that his impairment would keep him down and prevent him from this art, or as he puts it, "I couldn't even talk or form a sentence at the time." Before he discovered the stage, he admittedly didn't think theater was for him and even mocked the art.

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