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Bullying Links

National Center for Bullying Prevention - This website run by the Pacer Center champions children with disabilities with articles, videos, and news for schools, parents, kids and teens who face bullying.

National Crime Prevention Council - Bullying Prevention - Young people say that bullying is one of the biggest problems they face. In fact, 52 percent of students report seeing bullying at least once a week. This negatively affects the victims and the bullies as well as the kids who witness bullying and the school environment as a whole.
The National Crime Prevention Council currently has two campaigns to help children and parents stop bullying.

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program - The Olweus Program (pronounced Ol-VEY-us; the E sounds like a long A) is a comprehensive, school-wide program designed and evaluated for use in elementary, middle, or junior high schools. The program’s goals are to reduce and prevent bullying problems among school children and to improve peer relations at school. The program has been found to reduce bullying among children, improve the social climate of classrooms, and reduce related antisocial behaviors, such as vandalism and truancy. Schools are also gathering data about OBPP implementation at the High School level. The Olweus Program has been implemented in more than a dozen countries around the world, and in thousands of schools in the United States

Stop Bullying - You can learn all about bullying and what you can do to stop it. Take a look around and you’ll find games and cartoon Webisodes that help you Take a Stand. Lend a Hand. Stop Bullying Now!

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CNN Stop Bullying:Speak UP - Articles and Stories about Bullying.

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