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Building with Toothpicks and Gumdrops - featured June 14, 2011

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I saw this on a preschool activity site, and saw a lot of therapy potential in it. You can have a client build their own designs and structures, or you could have them copy a design that you show them.

[Image: gumdrop1.JPG]

This is a good activity that incorporates playing with food, and fine motor skills.

[Image: gumdrop2.JPG]

You stick toothpicks into the gumdrops to create shapes. Putting in the toothpicks is great for developing the small intrinsic muscles of the fingers.

[Image: gumdrop3.JPG]

Copying a shape is good for developing visual perceptual skills. It can be challenging to get the toothpicks going in the right direction.

[Image: gumdrop4.JPG]

  • Gumdrops
  • Toothpicks

  • Fine motor
  • Finger strengthening
  • Visual perceptual

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