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Boy's Progress with Selective Mutism in the News - featured May 5, 2010

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[Source: Telegraph UK] -A schoolboy, Lewis Fawcett, stricken with an anxiety disorder has finally learned how to speak to adults after being too terrified to talk to adults and teachers.

The seven year-old suffered from “selective mutism”, which meant he could only talk to adults who were close relatives.

The condition, which affects about six in 1000 children, is often mistaken for shyness, as it leaves sufferers too afraid to speak when he or she would normally be able to talk in home situations.

Lewis, from Emsworth, Hants, would happily talk to his classmates, but whenever an adult came near or a teacher asked him a question he would be too terrified to talk.

But he has started speaking in class for the first time and even managed to address assembly at St James Church of England Primary School after special help from his teacher Erika Biddlecombe.

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