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Book Review: Washington Post on "Growing an In-Sync Child" by Carol Kranowtiz and Joye Newman - featured November 7, 2010

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[Source: The Washington Post]

In a hurry-up world in which doing more and doing it faster is often the goal for children no matter how old they are, authors Carol Kranowitz and Joye Newman are spreading a different message: Slow down.

Give children time to explore, play, engage in lots of physical activity and do things for themselves and they will get the basic skills they will need for reading and writing, the Bethesda authors say in their recently published book, "Growing an In-Sync Child" (Perigree, $15.95).

By "in sync," Newman and Kranowitz mean a child who is comfortable in his body, able to move efficiently and fluidly and can focus on a task without becoming excessively distracted. Sounds pretty basic, but as children spend more time at a desk or in front of a computer or television screen, and less time playing, kids are increasingly out-of-sync, the authors say.

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