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Back to School Card Game - Therapy Activity of the Week - featured September 3, 2010

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Contributed by: Anne Coady M.S., CCC-SLP and Imagine Speech

It is the beginning of the school year! Do you need a fun way to review goals and take base-line data? Play a game of Uno or another favorite card game. During turns, ask students what their goals are, why the goals are important, what their best strategies are, and where they should use their strategies. Also, leave a few turns to take base-line data, do a final review of goals, and answer questions. This activity gives a wonderful start to the year, since it offers opportunities for fun, review, and base-line data collection. Base-line data will give you an appropriate place to start therapy, and it will let you know if your students regressed, stayed consistent, or improved over the summer!
  • Reviews and teaches goals.
  • Reviews and teaches importance of goals.
  • Reviews and teaches strategies.
  • Base-line data collection.
  • Increases student involvement in the process
  • Appropriate and fun for a wide age range.
  • its Easy to put together and transport.
  • Establishes the therapy-home connection and communication.
How to use in therapy:
Choose a card game and alter it to fit the time frame of a speech-language session. Review goals with each student and start the game! During each turn ask students explain what their goals are, why those goals are important, what strategies help them, and where they should use those strategies. Save a few turns to collect base-line data on each goal. Conclude with a short review and lots of positive praise!

Establish a therapy-home connection by giving a homework assignment for students to review their goals and strategies with parents and explain to parents why the goals are important.

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