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Back to School Activity Ideas for a Class which Includes a Child with Rett Syndrome

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Back to School Activity Ideas for a Class which Includes a Child with Rett Syndrome

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Activity Ideas

Here are two simple things that have helped set a great tone in class.

First, I read "It's Not Easy Being Big" (a Sesame Street book). It is all
about how Big Bird cannot play many of the games with the other kids
because he is so big. Then the book goes on to show how they "adapt"
their games to help Big Bird out. Like tying two jump ropes together to
make it big enough for him. You can explain how helpers will be coming
up with ways to "adapt" things for your daughter...and that they can
come up with ideas too! Throughout the entire school year, those kids
will be trying to figure out how to include your daughter.

Second: Play simple game with the kids. Talk about how your daughter
can hear and understand, but cannot speak. Ask them each their
names...BUT tell them they are not allowed to say them aloud. Remark,
"see, you know your name even though you didn't say it out loud!" They
will think that is pretty cool. You can also make/bring in a color board
with six colored squares made from felt/paper (3 on top and 3 on
bottom). Talk about eye communication, then have them each tell you
their favorite color with their eyes. It is really fun to see them get excited
when you know their answer just by looking at where they looked.

These ideas are simple, yet incredibly powerful. Good luck!

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