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Autism Links

Autism Collaboration, brings together the most experienced autism advocacy organizations in the country.

Autism Research Institute, is a non-profit organization that devotes its work to conducting research, and to disseminating the results of research, on the triggers of autism and on methods of diagnosing and treating autism.

Autism Speaks, is committed to the health and well-being of all children. As such, we support the programs that ensure the public health, including an effective and safe immunization program designed to prevent major diseases.

Autism Society of America, Improving the lives of all affected by autism

Autism Support Network - The Autism Support Network is designed as a place by those living with ASD for those with ASD and those seeking social connection, peer guidance and a feeling of community with those that understand.

Autism Treatment Center of America, Offers Professional Training and Programs to help parents effectively get help for Autism and Asperger's Syndrome and work with their children.

Developmental Delay Resources, DDR, A nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting the needs of those working with children who have developmental delays in sensory motor, language, social, and emotional areas.

First Signs. First Signs is dedicated to educating parents and professionals about autism and related disorders.

Healing Thresholds, is a Web site dedicated to healing the lives of families touched by autism by providing quality updates daily on the many different therapies and news designed to help people with autism.

IAN Research, Interactuve Autism Network, an innovative online initiative connecting researchers with individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders (DIR/Floortime), ICDL reaches a wide network of parents and professionals of different disciplines, advancing the identification, prevention and treatment of developmental and learning disorders. Through its research, training and publications, ICDL is extending the reach of the DIRĀ® model and the framework of Floortime as a fundamental component of intervention programs for individuals with difficulties in relating, communicating and thinking, including autism spectrum disorders.

Simons Foundation Autism Research Foundation, investigates the causes of autism. The site is geared largely toward researchers and scientists, but it contains a regularly updated blog that parents can monitor to learn about the latest news and commentary on autism research.

Wildwood Service Dogs, the only service dog organization that has the medical and canine training background to fully address the needs of children with autism.

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