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Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder - ADD/ ADHD

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ADD/ADHD Articles

A Cognitive Development Primer for Parents
A Little Levity: Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood, a Neurodevelopmental Perspective on A.A. Milne - featured April 19, 2010
A Spoonful of Music
ADHD and Your School-Aged Child - featured September 24, 2010
An ADHD Primer
Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Information
Children with Hearing Loss and ADHD: Interview with Dr Susan Wiley, Developmental Pediatrician - featured February 10, 2011
Fact Sheet: Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder
Guest Blog: Before the Meltdown - Sensory, Emotional, and Behavioral Interplay
Guest Blog: Homemade Solutions for Attentional Difficulties - featured November 5, 2010
Guest Blog: Stress Buster: Focus on a Color or Image for One Minute - featured November 19, 2010
Guest Blog: The Struggle to Succeed - featured August 25, 2011
Guest Blog: Twenty Reasons Why a Child Can't Sit Still - featured October 7, 2011
Guest Talk Radio Blog - Yoga for Children with Special Needs Audiocast - featured November 12, 2010
How Yoga Helps Kids with ADHD
Making Sense of Attentional Issues - featured August 24, 2010
NIMH - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Information Page
Sensory Processing Disorder vs. Attention Deficit Disorder
Ten Ideas to Increase a Child’s Attention Span and Tolerance for Frustration - featured July 2, 2010
The Effects of Exercise on Children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
The Impact of ADHD on Stuttering Therapy - featured January 20, 2011
The Importance of Skills Acquisition for Students with ADD - featured June 24, 2011
The Power of Music: Musical Practice & Brain Development
Twelve Ideas for Improving Attention in the Classroom
Vision Therapy: What It Is and How, And When To Refer Patients - Featured August 30, 2010


Featured News of the Week on ADHD

1 in 10 Kids in U.S. Has ADHD, New Study Says - featured November 12, 2010
A Little Levity: Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood, a Neurodevelopmental Perspective on A.A. Milne - featured April 19, 2010
ADHD And Poor Emotional Control Combination Runs In Families - featured May 9, 2011
ADHD Doubles the Risk of Injury in Grade School Kids - featured September 14, 2011
ADHD Genes Found; Known to Play Roles in Neurodevelopment - featured July 3, 2009
Alterations In Brain Dopamine Pathway Appears To Be Associated With Certain Symptoms Of ADHD - September 18, 2009
Bladder Control Problems More Common in ADHD - featured January 20, 2011
Brain Imaging Study Of Preschoolers With ADHD Detects Brain Differences Linked To Symptoms - featured July 12, 2011
Brain Scans Show Children with ADHD Have Faulty On-Off Switch for Mind-Wandering - featured January 4, 2011
Children With ADHD Much More Likely To Develop Substance Abuse Problems As They Age - featured February 14, 2011
Cigarette Smoke Linked To ADHD, Headaches And Stuttering In Children - featured October 8, 2010
Disconnect Between Brain Regions in ADHD - January 15, 2010
FDA to Have Hearing on Food Dyes and Hyperactivity - featured January 10, 2011
Hand Movement May Give Clues to ADHD Severity - featured February 15, 2011
Inattention, Not Hyperactivity, Associated With Educational Failure - featured August 30, 2011
Infants Trained To Concentrate Show Added Benefits - featured September 6, 2011
Is SpongeBob Too Much for Young Minds? - featured September 13, 2011
Lancet Published Study Supports Elimination / Restricted Diet for Kids with ADHD - featured February 4, 2011
Making ADHD Teens Better Drivers - featured January 24, 2011
Most ADHD Kids Have Multiple Conditions, Study Says - featured February 9, 2011
Neat Ideas in the News - Simple Video with Hand Motions Gets Kids Focused - featured October 21, 2010
New Insight into ADHD - featured March 1, 2011
New Study Shows Potential for Multi-Modal Hemispheric Based Training for Kids with AD/HD - featured August 24, 2010
Operation Of Gene Variant Linked To ADHD Shown By Scientists - featured August 17, 2011
Parent-child Play Therapy Relieves Depression in Pre-Schoolers - featured January 21, 2011
Premature Birth Tied to Increased Risk of ADHD - featured April 20, 2011
Regular 'Green Time' Is Linked to Milder Symptoms for Kids with ADHD - featured September 16, 2011
Research Confirms that Screen Time Contributes to Attention Problems in Children - featured July 7, 2010
Revisiting ADHD and Ritalin - featured May 17, 2011
Ritalin Boosts Learning By Increasing Brain Plasticity - featured March 8, 2010
Secondhand Smoke Tied to Kids' Behavior Problems - featured July 18, 2011
Study Finds that Pesticide Exposure May Contribute to ADHD - featured May 17, 2010
Study: ADHD Meds May Delay Puberty in Boys - featured September 20, 2011
Teachers Use Movement in Classroom to Keep Fidgety Children Alert - featured August, 2009
Twin Study Helps Scientists Link Relationship Among ADHD, Reading, Math - featured December 14, 2010
Untangling the Myths About Attention Disorder - featured December 17, 2010
Video Game Addiction Tied to Depression, Social Problems and Poor Grades - featured January 17, 2011
Vision Therapy in the New York Times - featured March 10, 2010
Writing problems common in kids with ADHD - featured August 23, 2011
Youngsters With ADHD Adversely Affected By Even Moderate Sleep Loss - featured March 2, 2011

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