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Articulation Bingo - Speech Therapy Activity of the Week - featured July 30, 2010

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Thank you to Anne Coady of Imagine Speech for this week's Speech Therapy idea of the week!

Do you want to make speech-therapy fun and have a lot of targeted responses? Create bingo boards with words that have targeted sounds. For example, an initial position /r/ bingo board could have the words run, red, road, rake, etc....

• Can use for any sound in initial, medial, and final positions.
• Can use for single word, phrase, and sentence level objectives.
• Can use for phonological processes too.
• Appropriate and fun for a wide age range.
• Easy to make and transport.
• Make a copy for your client to take home for additional practice.

What you need:
• Paper to make boards and cards.
• Pictures or colored pencils to make pictures.
• Pennies or chips

How to play:
You can make the boards and cards ahead of time, or you can make the boards and cards during therapy while practicing targeted sounds.

Once the materials are made, your clients practice targeted sounds by naming pictures. They place pennies or chips on the corresponding board pictures. The person to get 5 in a row or complete “black out” wins. Make sure to give lots of positive praise and feedback! Send a copy home for additional practice.

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