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"Be-Attitudes" for Managing Change in School-Based Practice Last in a Four-Part Series on Educational Leadership
“A Language I Could Speak Fluently”: Using Music and Rhythm for Fluency Disorders - featured January 26, 2012
10 Stages in the Emergence of Speaking at School
10 Suggestions For Effective Treatment Of Childhood Apraxia Of Speech - featured March 25, 2011
5 Ice Breakers for Pediatric Therapy - featured September 15, 2010
5 Steps to Improving Communication on the Special Education Team - August 14, 2009
A Cognitive Development Primer for Parents
A Comparison of Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Dysarthria, and Severe Phonological Disorder
A Family History Study of Selective Mutism - featured August 10, 2011
A Few Good Words: Using Core Vocabulary to Support Nonverbal Students
A Little Levity: Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood, a Neurodevelopmental Perspective on A.A. Milne - featured April 19, 2010
A Parent's Guide To Psychological Assessment of Apraxic Children
A Parent's Question: Why Does My Child Still Stutter Even Though He is in Therapy? - featured May 7, 2010
A Parent's Question: Why Does My Child Not Stutter in Front of His Speech Therapist?
A Parents Pain
A Preliminary Study Of Intervention Addressing Early Developing Requesting Behaviours In Young Infants With Down Syndrome
A Tale of Two Languages
A Topical Bibliography on Oral Motor Assessment and Treatment - December 2008
A Workload Analysis Approach for Establishing Speech-Language Caseload Standards in the School: Position Statement
About Baby Signing
Addressing Emergent Literacy Skills in English-Language Learners
Addressing the Issue of Speech Anxiety with Selectively Mute Children
Advancing Into the 21st Century: Care for Individuals with Cleft Palate or Craniofacial Differences
Ages and Stages - Developmental Milestones for Receptive & Expressive Language Acquisition
All About Drooling - featured July 5, 2011
An Interview with Emily Rubin
Angelman's Syndrome on Genetics Home Reference
Apraxia of Speech: What is the Integral Stimulation Method?
Apraxia: Speech Therapy in Toddlers and Young Children
Apraxia? Dyspraxia? Articulation? Phonology? What Does It All Mean? - featured March 10, 2011
Articles of Interest to SLPs
Articulation and Phonological Disorders
Articulation and the Effect on Prosody in Children with Apraxia of Speech
Articulation vs. Phonology Van Riper vs. Hodson? What’s a Busy Therapist To Do?
ASHA Childhood Apraxia of Speech Position Statement
ASHA Childhood Apraxia of Speech Technical Report
ASHA's Childhood Apraxia of Speech Information Page
Ask the Expert by Nancy Hall - An SLP talks to Parents
Ask the Expert: Is There Still No Cure for Stuttering?
Assessing Diverse Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders
Assessing Speech-Language Skills in Children with Selective Mutism
Assessment and Intervention for Bilingual Children with Phonological Disorders
Assessment of Language Learning in English Speaking Children
Assisting Students Struggling with Reading: Response to Intervention (RtI) and Multi-Tier Intervention in the Primary Grades - featured March 25, 2011
Assistive Technology and the IEP - featured September 3, 2010
Atlantoaxial Instability in Down Syndrome: Controversy and Commentary - featured June 2, 2011
Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Information
Attention Problems in Down Syndrome: Is this ADHD? - featured August 6, 2010
Auditory Processing Disorder in Children: What Does It Mean?
Augmentative and Alternative Communication with Rett Syndrome - featured June 30, 2011
Aural Habilitation Update: The Role of Speech Production Skills of Infants and Children With Hearing Loss
Autism and Horses: Understanding the Terms - December 11, 2009
Autism in Children and Adults with Down Syndrome
Autism Spectrum Disorders and Stuttering
Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Schools: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Intervention Pose Challenges for SLPs
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Interdisciplinary Teaming in Schools
Babies With Tracheostomies: The Challenge of Providing Specialized Clinical Care
Back to School Activity Ideas for a Class which Includes a Child with Rett Syndrome
Back to School Screenings and Evaluations-Part 2 - featured September 8, 2011
Behavioral Hearing Assessment for Children With Autism
Being Conscious Caretakers of Communication Opportunities Created by New Technologies in Children's Speech and Language Therapy - featured June 24, 2011
Benefits of an Active Classroom - September 2009
Benefits of Co-Treatment Sessions of Speech/Occupational Therapy - featured October 28, 2010
Best Practices for ELL Students with Speech-Language Disorders - featured October 2, 2009
Bibliography of Studies on Music Therapy for Rett Syndrome
Bilingualism as a First Language - December 2009
Bilingualism in Children with Down Syndrome in Germany
Bilingualism: Consequences for Language, Cognition, Development, and the Brain
Biological Markers of Reading and Speech-in-Noise Perception in the Auditory System
Books – Connecting Beyond the Pages - August 2009
Books, Books, Books - April 2009
BrainSTEPS (Strategies Teaching Educators, Parents, and Students) - featured April 30, 2010
Braving the Bullies: What Speech-Language Pathologists Can Do
Brief Ideas for Speech Therapy for Children with Apraxia of Speech
Bring Hearing to Children with Cochlear Implants
Brown's Stages - The Development of Morphology and Syntax
Building Language Skills in Children with Autism
Bullying: Help Your Child Handle A School Bully
But We Wish To Speak Our Language In The Home - September 2009
But We Wish To Speak Our Language In The Home - September 2009
CASANA Childhood Apraxia of Speech - Family Start Guide
CASANA Childhood Apraxia of Speech - SLP Start Guide
Cerebral Palsy - Facts & Figures - featured November 10, 2011
CHARGE Syndrome: Multiple Congenital Anomalies Including Disorders of All Senses and Speech, Language, Feeding, Swallowing, and Behavior
Child Word Finding: Student Voices Enlighten Us - featured January 12, 2011
Childhood Apraxia of Speech - Q&A - October 2009
Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) in Neurodevelopmental and Idiopathic Contexts - featured May 23, 2011
Children Who Suffer in Silence - featured January 28, 2011
Children with Apraxia and Reading, Writing, and Spelling Difficulties
Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Three Case Studies
Children's Speech Sound Disorders: Questions And Answers
Classroom Acoustics: What Possibly Could Be New?
Classroom Strategies for Teachers of Selectively Mute Children - featured November 21, 2011
Cleft Palate And/Or Velopharyngeal Dysfunction: Assessment And Treatment
Clinical Prevalence Of Drooling In Infant Cerebral Palsy
Cluttering - Some Guidelines
Cochlear Implants in Infants and Toddlers: Are SLPs Ready for This Growing Trend? - featured June 11, 2010
Cognition and Autism
College Students Help Non-Verbal Children Communicate Many For The First Time - featured November 23, 2010
Combining Therapies to Treat Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)- Featured May 28, 2010
Communication and Violence: New Roles for Speech-Language Pathologists
Communication Development: Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade
Communication is Key - Featured October 29, 2010
Communication Partner Interventions for Children Who Use AAC: Storybook Reading Across Culture and Language
Comprehensive Speech and Language Treatment for Infants, Toddlers, and Children with Down Syndrome
Conducting an IEP Meeting with an Interpreter - October 2009
Connecting and Building Relationships with Parents for Better Outcomes in the Children You Work With - featured July 30, 2010
Connecting Reading Fluency and Oral Language for Student Success
Connections Between Tongue Placement and Dental Alignment
Considerations and Recommendations for an Appropriate School-Based Speech Therapy Program
Considerations in Developing Home Programs - Featured May 28, 2010
Contribution of Language Skills to Long-term Outcomes for Children from Disadvantaged Backgrounds
Cooperative Themed Speech Therapy Games and Activities - September 2009
Coordinated Oral-Motor Treatment
Coping with Crisis: Helping Children With Special Needs - featured February 4, 2011
Core Knowledge and Skills in Early Intervention Speech-Language Pathology Practice
Could Voice Therapy be a Remedy for Stuttering?
Counseling Parents in Stuttering: The Basics
Coverage for Pediatric Services
Dealing with the Reversal Problem - June 2008
Defining Bilingualism
DELV - A Tool for Assessing the Speech of Children who Speak African American English (AAE) Dialect - January 2010
Developing A New Paradigm for Stuttering - Stuttering Hexagon - featured January 27, 2011
Developmental Milestones for Children with Down Syndrome
Developmental Phonological Disorders - Information For Families
Diagnostic Evaluation of Children with Speech Sound Disorders
Diagnostic Guidelines for Treating Professionals
Differential Diagnosis of Severe Speech Impairment in Young Children
Direct Speech And Language Therapy For Children With Cerebral Palsy: Findings From A Systematic Review
Disability Etiquette - Tips On Interacting With People With Disabilities - Featured July 23, 2010
Do Children With Cleft Palate Have Speech Problems?
Down Syndrome and Language Acquisition - January, 2010
Down Syndrome and Stuttering - featured March 18, 2011
Down Syndrome Fact Sheet
Down Syndrome Q&A
Down Syndrome: Frequently Asked Questions
Dysphonia/ Muscle Tension Dysphonia: Pediatric Implications - October 2009
Early Hearing Detection and Intervention: Audiologists and SLPs Collaborate in Successful Program
Early Hearing Detection and Intervention: New ASHA Guidelines Available on Children, Ages Birth to 5
Early Hearing Diagnosis Key to Language Skills
Early Intervention Activities To Promote Language Development - featured April 30, 2010
Early Intervention Important for Children Who Stutter - Featured October 22, 2010
Early Intervention in Children with Cleft Palate
Early Intervention Speech Therapy Interview with CASANA's Sharon Gretz - February 5, 2010
Early Intervention: Is Being a Good SLP Good Enough?
Early Language Acquisition in Infants
Early Literacy and Language Identification and Intervention
Early Milestones in the Development of Spoken English
Echolalia...Friend or Foe? - November 2008
Educational Rights Of Children With Traumatic Brain Injury - featured December 17, 2010
Effective Instruction: Optimizing Outcomes Following ABI - featured August 16, 2011
Effective Interventions for Specific Language Impairment
Effective Interventions for the Treatment of Speech Sound Disorders
Electropalatography In The Assessment And Treatment Of Speech Difficulties In Children With Down Syndrome - featured February 4, 2011
Embracing The Potential Benefits Of Using New Technologies In Childrens Speech And Language Therapy - Featured July 30, 2010
Emergent Literacy: Early Reading and Writing Development
Encouraging Pre-Literacy Skills in Children with Speech and Language Disorders
Enhancement Of Learning For Children With Phonological Disorders
Enhancing Literacy Through the Techniques of Storytelling
Equipment for Rett Syndrome
ESOL Placement and Assessment of English Language Learners - featured April 30, 2010
Evaluation and Treatment of Resonance Disorders
Evidence-Based Practice in Schools: Integrating Craft and Theory with Science and Data
Exercises to Strengthen the Soft Palate
Fact Sheet: Angelman Syndrome - November 6, 2009
Factors that Influence Language Development
Facts About Angelman Syndrome
Fast Paced Articulation Therapy Through an RTI Model - featured December 2, 2011
Feeding and Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia) in Children
Floor Time as a Play Therapy Intervention for Children Impacted by Selective Mutism - featured March 10, 2011
Focus on Speech Sound Disorders
Fostering Emergent Literacy for Children Who Require AAC
Fostering Language Development in Children from Disadvantaged Backgrounds
Four Steps of Communication - featured November 26, 2010
Fragile X Syndrome and Speech & Language
Frequently Asked Questions About Selective Mutism - Part One
Frequently Asked Questions About Selective Mutism - Part Three
Frequently Asked Questions About Selective Mutism - Part Two
Frequently Asked Questions: Rett Syndrome - featured April 2, 2010
Friendships and Our Children
From One Student to an Entire District Advocacy Transforms Literacy Instruction, Raises Student Achievement
Functional Speech Disorders - What are they?
General Information on Childhood Apraxia of Speech for Parents - featured March 5, 2010
Genetic Research in Speech Sound Disorders: Phenotype Issues and Recent Findings
Georgia Teams Boost Student Success: SLPs Play Key Role in Nine-Site Pilot Project for Kindergarteners
Get to the Goal - featured January 28, 2011
Getting Off To The Right Start: Ten Tips To Make Sure Your Child's IEP Is Ready To Go On Day One - featured September 29, 2010
Getting Them All Engaged: Inclusive Active Participation
Grace: Reaping the Advantage of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention
Graphomotor Skills: Why Some Kids Hate To Write - featured December 3, 2010
Guest Blog: A Myriad of Materials - featured November 22, 2010
Guest Blog: Between the Lion's Phonemic Awareness - featured January 19, 2011
Guest Blog: Broken Cell Phones Get Students Talking in Speech Therapy - featured August 8, 2011
Guest Blog: Case Presentation - The Beauty of Imitation
Guest Blog: Developing Attention, Listening and Memory Skills - featured June 7, 2011
Guest Blog: Do You Like to Throw Rocks During Speech Therapy? - featured June 29, 2011
Guest Blog: Eliciting Sounds-SH and CH - featured June 15, 2011
Guest Blog: Music Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology - A Collaboration (Parts 1 & 2) - featured August 24, 2011
Guest Blog: Music Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology - A Collaboration (Parts 1 & 2) - featured August 24, 2011
Guest Blog: My Favorite Therapy Tool - featured June 1, 2011
Guest Blog: Nonsense Words and Articulation - featured October 14, 2010
Guest Blog: Should My Late Talker Get Speech Therapy? Depends on Who You Talk To! - featured July 28, 2011
Guest Blog: Thrill of the Catch - featured January 24, 2011
Guest Blog: What Makes a Good Language Toy? - featured June 16, 2011
Guest Blog: What's in your Therapy Bag?: Early Intervention - featured October 14, 2010
Guest Blog: Winter Books: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow - featured February 3, 2011
Guest Blog: Winter-Themed Picture Books - featured December 17, 2010
Guest Blog: “It’s on the Tip of My Tongue”- Word Retrieval Difficulties in Children - featured October 29, 2010
Guest Blog: Eliciting Sounds - /f/ - featured July 14, 2011
Guest Blog: Eliciting Sounds - /s/-Lateral Lisp - featured October 21, 2011
Guest Blog: How to Teach the T & D Sounds - featured May 11, 2011
Guest Blog: Language Therapy Using Dropbox - featured March 8, 2011
Guest Blog: Othello: A Speech Strategy
Guest Blog: Red Flags for Autism in Toddlers - featured August 30, 2011
Guest Blog: So Much More Than Words on a Page - featured April 15, 2011
Guest Blog: Using Pictures To Help With Beginning Language - featured October 13, 2011
Guest Blog: Who Do We Ask When We Don't Know Which Way to Go? - featured July 8, 2011
Guidelines for Parents Contemplating a Change of School for their Selectively Mute Child
Guidelines for the Roles and Responsibilities of the School-Based Speech-Language Pathologist
Gymnastics: Not Your Typical Speech/Language Therapy-The Benefits It Provides for Children With Special Needs - featured July 29, 2011
Gymnastics: Not Your Typical Speech/Language Therapy-The Benefits It Provides for Children With Special Needs - featured July 29, 2011
Gymnastics: Not Your Typical Speech/Language Therapy-The Benefits It Provides for Children With Special Needs - featured July 29, 2011
Handling The Transfer To Secondary School
Hearing Solutions - A Guide to Your Child's Hearing - featured May 21, 2010
Helping our Teachers Understand Selective Mutism
Helping Parents Become Effective Language Facilitators - December 2006
Helping Socially Anxious and Selectively Mute Children: Guidelines for Teachers and School Personnel
Helping the Child with Selective Mutism Acknowledge, Assess & Understand their Anxiety
Helping Your Child Navigate Social Dilemmas
Hippotherapy - Healing on Horseback - May 2009
History of Rett Syndrome
Home Talk and School Talk Helping Teachers Recognize Cultural Mismatch
Horns As Therapy Tools
How Does Your Child Hear and Talk?
How Language, Motor, and Emotional Factors May Influence Early Childhood Stuttering - October 23, 2009
How the Brain Thinks in Autism: Implications for Language Intervention
How to Get the Most Out of Group Therapy Sessions - February 2008
How to Teach Straw Drinking - featured December 12, 2011
Identification and Treatment of Landau-Kleffner Syndrome - featured February 25, 2011
Imagine a Boy Lost in a Sea of People - featured September 20, 2010
Imagining a "Second Time Around" in School-Based Practice
Impaired Brain Plasticity Linked To Angelman Syndrome Learning Deficits
Importance of an Early diagnosis of Selective Mutism (SM)
Improving Feeding Safety and Speech Clarity for Clients with Moebius Syndrome
Improving Prosody in CAS - featured September 24, 2010
Improving the Speech and Language Skills of Children and Teenagers with Down Syndrome
Increase Expressive Communication in Individuals with ASD - October 2008
Individualized Education Plans or Section 504 Plans for children diagnosed with a Childhood Anxiety Disorder and Selective Mutism
Individualized Education Program (IEP) Guidance - featured August 30, 2011
Infant & Childhood Stroke Fact Sheet - featured November 5, 2010
Infants and Hearing Aids - Podcast
Information about Pierre Robin Sequence/Complex
Integrating AAC Into the Classroom - Low-Tech Strategies
Interactions Between Fluency and Phonological Disorders: A Case Study
Intervention for Bilingual Children with CAS - featured February 10, 2011
Investigating Free Software For Children With Down Syndrome
IS = EB Stuttering Inside and Out
IS = EB Stuttering Inside and Out
Is there an Affect between Diet and Selective Mutism?
Joint Attention in Autism
Justin Roberts Promotes Hearing Health In Children - Podcast
Key Factors in Appropriate Therapy Approach for Childhood Apraxia of Speech - August 2009
Kids Write and Create: A Service Learning Project in North Philadelphia
Knowledge and Skills Needed by Speech-Language Pathologists With Respect to Reading and Writing in Children and Adolescents
Landau-Kleffner Syndrome (LKS) - featured June 25, 2010
Language and Literacy
Language Development and its Impact on Children's Psychosocial and Emotional Development
Language Intervention from a Bilingual Mindset
Language Loss in English Language Learners (ELLs) - February 2010
Language Outcomes for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders - featured May 7, 2010
Language Precursors: Sound Production
Language Processing and Comprehension Issues and Children with CAS
Language-Based Learning Disabilities
Language, Culture, and Literacy: A Report from the ASHA Schools Conference
Last Words, Last Connections: How Augmentative Communication Can Support Children Facing End of Life
Late Blooming or Language Problem?
Learning About Literacy: SLPs Play Key Role in Reading, Writing
Learning the Deep Structure: Elements of School-Based Leadership: Third in a four-part series on Educational Leadership
Lessons From the Da Vinci Code: Working with Bilingual/Multicultural Children and Families
Let's Get Physical: Bringing Group Articulation Therapy Into Focus Using Motor Learning Theory - July 2009
Lexical And Grammatical Development
Linking Phonology and Language: Approaches, Target Selection and Intervention Ideas - featured November 5, 2010
Lip Exercises to Strengthen Weak Muscle Tone in Cheeks
Literacy as an Outcome of Language Development and its Impact on Children's Psychosocial and Emotional Development
Literacy Environments For Children With Down Syndrome: What’s Happening At Home?
Literacy Intervention - Podcast
Literacy Issues in Second-Language Families - February 2009
Literacy, Language and Emotional Development
Loan Forgiveness: An Incentive for Serving in High-Need Schools
Looking At Metabolism
Making the Connection: FM Systems and Cochlear Implants
Making the Pitch for Music Therapy - November 2009
Making Visual Supports Work For Your Child This Summer - Featured July 30, 2010
Managing Dysphagia in the Schools
Managing Spasticity in Children With Cerebral Palsy Requires a Team Approach - featured May 12, 2011
Mealtime Battles: Five Components of Picky Eating - featured January 23, 2012
Minimal Pairs, Listening Lists, and More for Articulation and Phonological Therapy
Mosaic Down Syndrome - August 21, 2009
Multi-Modal Communication Strategies for Children Who have Rett Syndrome
Multiple Exemplar Training - In Phonological Therapy
Music Therapy and Dyslexia: There's Still Hope! - featured April 16. 2010
Music, Rhythm, and Their Potential Benefits for Childhood Apraxia of Speech - featured May 28, 2010
My Child Has Selective Mutism, What Do I Do Now?
My First Year as a School-Based Clinician
Mythbusters - Myths About Stuttering
Navigating the Early Intervention System: A Guide to Scope and Funding of Programs
Navigating the Social World of Elementary School (Notes for Parents and Teachers and Those Who Support Them)
Navigating the Transition to Middle School: Peer Network Programming for Students With Autism
Neurogenic Stuttering - Some Guidelines - February 2010
Neuropsychology in Long-term Educational Planning for Children with Apraxia of Speech
New Directions in Pediatric Cochlear Implantation: Effects on Candidacy
New Roles in Response to Intervention:Creating Success for Schools and Children
NINDS Alexander Disease Information Page
NINDS Fact Sheet: Friedreich's Ataxia - featured July 16, 2010
NINDS Landau-Kleffner Syndrome Information Page - featured March 26, 2010
No Time to Lose: Working With Young Children With Severe Disabilities Who Are Presymbolic
Nonverbal Learning Disability: What the SLP Needs to Know
Obtaining Reimbursement for Stuttering Treatment - featured October 8, 2010
Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy: Why We Need Each Other - Featured December 31, 2010
On Language and Literacy
One Million Youth in America with Hearing Loss May Be Left Behind
Oral Motor Exercises for Speech Clarity
Oral Motor Therapy: Devising Your Own Oral Motor Home Programme
Oral Tradition, First Nations Culture & Implications for Speech Therapy - featured December 17, 2010
Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders
Orthographic Instruction: Improve Speech Intelligibility and Establish Literacy Skill - January 2009
Otitis Media and Children’s Language and Learning
Pacifiers, Sippy Cups and Thumb Sucking - UhOh!? - August 2007
PACT: A broad-based approach to Phonological Therapy
Parenting a Child with Cerebral Palsy (or Parents Rights)
Pediatric Brain Injury - featured March 4, 2011
Pediatric Cochlear Implants: Knowledge and Skills of Speech-Language Pathologists
Pediatric Practice: New Research and Online Resources
Pediatric Speech-Language Pathology in Health Care
Pediatric Swallowing and Feeding: Complex Decision Making - featured November 12, 2010
Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Where Do We Go From Here?
Pediatric Voice Disorders: Evaluation and Treatment
Perspective: Apraxia Services in the Schools
Pets Help Teach in Speech-Language Pathology Sessions
Phonetically Consistent Treatment of [r] - October 2007
Phonological Awareness Intervention for Children: From the Research Laboratory to the Clinic
Phonology & Articulation Resources For Speech-Language Pathologists
Phonology & Articulation Resources For Speech-Language Pathologists - Worksheets, Handouts, Pictures and Words
Phonotrauma in Children: Management and Treatment
PICS - Parents Involved in Classroom Success - April 2008
Picture Exchange Communication System - featured October 13, 2011
Preferred Language Guide: Down Syndrome - featured August 1, 2011
Preferred Practice Patterns for the Profession of Speech-Language Pathology
Presbyphonia: Aging Voice Disorder Audio
Presentation of Children/Teens with Selective Mutism thru the Ages
Prevalence of Rett and Related Disorders
Prevalence of Speech and Language Disorders in Children
Prevention Model Takes Off in Schools: A New Approach for Learning Disabilities
Product Review: 'Speech Buddies' - featured March 22, 2011
Production And Perception Of Word Stress In Children And Adolescents With Down Syndrome
Programs Supporting Young Children's Language Development
Promoting Child Literacy - Featured June 25, 2010
Protecting Students With Disabilities
Providing Early Intervention Services in Natural Environments
Providing Effective Speech and Language Therapy for Children with Down Syndrome in Mainstream Settings: A Case Example
Puberphonia - A Male with a Female Voice - March 19, 2010
Put A Spell On Stuttering
Q&A - How Can Therapists Help Parents Implement Therapy Activities At Home - featured May 28, 2010
Q&A - Using an Auditory Program in your Practice - featured January 28, 2011
Q&A - What Language Proficiency and Language Dominance Mean to the SLP - Featured May 28, 2010
Q&A – Pediatric Palliative Care - Featured December 31, 2010
Q&A About School Age Stuttering - May 2009
Q&A Article on Alternative/Augmentative Communication Devices (AAC) - January 2010
Q&A on Hippotherapy: Do You Have the Ride Stuff? - Featured July 30, 2010
Q&A So, You Want To Try Early Intervention? - August 2009
Q&A What is Selective Mutism? - September 2009
Q&A: Traumatic Brain Injury - Tracking Recovery of Children with Traumatic Brain Injury - featured February, 2010
Q&A: What Are The Basic Features Of Rett Syndrome? - Featured June 25, 2010
Q&A: XXYY Syndrome - featured April 30, 2010
Reactive or Proactive: How Do You Respond to Stuttering?
Reading Fluency: What Every SLP and Teacher Should Know
Reading Interventions For Children With Down Syndrome
Reduced Auditory Efferent Activity in Childhood Selective Mutism
Relations Among Speech, Language, and Reading Disorders
Reminders When Assessing ELL Students - featured August 13, 2010
Response-to-Intervention: SLPs as Linchpins in Secondary Schools - featured March 12, 2009
Responsiveness to Intervention (RTI)
Responsiveness to Intervention and Learning Disabilities - Technical Report
Responsiveness to Intervention: An Opportunity to Reinvent Speech-Language Services in Schools
Rett Syndrome: Flyers, Brochures and Fact Sheets
Rett Syndrome: Helpful Hints
Rett Syndrome: Language Without Speech
Rett Syndrome: Links to disorders beyond autism spectrum
Rett Syndrome: The Reversal Experiments Changed Everything
Roles and Responsibilities of Speech-Language Pathologists in Early Intervention: Guidelines
Roles and Responsibilities of Speech-Language Pathologists With Respect to Reading and Writing in Children and Adolescents
Sample Letter For Parent, Teacher Or Therapist To Send To Parents Of Other Children In Class With A Rett Syndrome Student - featured July 9, 2010
Sample of a Comprehensive Guide To Having A Child With Rett Syndrome In The School Setting
Sara Rosenfeld-Johnsons Approach to Oral-Motor Feeding and Speech Therapy
School Bullying Activist: I Know The Terror Phoebe Felt
School-Age Stuttering: What Works? - featured May 7, 2010
School-Based Intervention Using Muscle Relaxation Techniques
School-Based Strategies for Building Rapport with Selectively Mute Children
Scoliosis Guidelines for Rett Syndrome
Scope of Practice in Speech-Language Pathology
Second Language Acquisition: Success Factors in Sequential Bilingualism
Selective Mutism - An Integrated Treatment Approach
Selective Mutism - Defined and Explained on the ASHA Website
Selective Mutism and Behavioral Inhibition
Selective Mutism and the SLP in the Schools
Selective Mutism in Elementary School
Selective Mutism in the News - Time Magazine
Selective Mutism Intervention
Selective Mutism-Stages of Social Communication Comfort Scale ©
Selective Mutism: An Integrated Treatment Approach
Selective Mutism: Described
Selective Mutism: Selected References & Resources
Semantic and Pragmatic Difficulties - and Semantic Pragmatic Language Disorder
Sensory Oral-Motor Treatment - November 2009
Services and Programs Supporting Young Children's Language Development
Serving Children From the Culture of Poverty
Serving Children With Hearing Loss in Public School Settings - featured May 14, 2010
Serving Students with Hearing Loss in the Schools: Speech and Language Services for Students in the Mainstream - featured November 26, 2010
Serving Students With Spoken and Written Language Challenges: It's In the Cards
Short- and Long-Term Outcomes for Children with Primary Language Impairment (PLI)
Short- and Long-term Outcomes for Children with Speech Sound Disorders - featured July 16, 2010
Singing and Music as Aids to Language Development and its Relevance for Children with Down Syndrome
SLP Corner: Every Day Language Learning: Dishwashers and Socks - featured January 23, 2012
SLP Corner: Everyday Language Activities: Grocery Shopping With a Toddler - featured December 28, 2011
SLP Corner: The Evolution of Empathy - featured October 24, 2011
SLPs in Secondary Schools: Going Beyond Survival to "Thrival" Second in a Four-Part Series on Educational Leadership
SM Reference List
Social Communication Strategies for Adolescents With Autism
Social Communication: A Framework for Assessment and Intervention
Social Fitness for Students with Asperger's Syndrome: A Classroom-Based Program for Secondary Schools - featured December 9, 2010
Social Language Use (Pragmatics)
Social Skills Fuel Language Acquisition
Social Stories Therapy for Children with Autism
Social-Communication Anxiety Inventory
Spanish Books to use in Speech Therapy - September 4, 2009
Spasmotic Dysphonia or Stuttering of the Vocal Cords Audio
Special Considerations for Psychological/Educational Evaluations of Children with No Speech or Unintelligible Speech
Special Education: Music Therapy Research and Evidence-Based Practice Support
Speech & Language Skills in Infants, Toddlers & Young Children with Down Syndrome
Speech and Communication in a Child after Brain Injury: FAQs
Speech and Language "Mythbusters" for Internationally Adopted Children
Speech and Language Development for Children with Down Syndrome (5-11 years)
Speech and Language Development for Infants with Down Syndrome (0-5 years)
Speech and Language Development for Teenagers with Down Syndrome (11-16 years)
Speech and Language Goals When Planning an IEP for a Child With Apraxia of Speech : Part 1
Speech and Language Goals When Planning an IEP for a Child With Apraxia of Speech : Part 2
Speech and Language Skills in Children and Adolescents with Down Syndrome
Speech and Language Therapy for Children with Down Syndrome
Speech and Language Therapy with Galina
Speech Assessment of Spanish-English Bilinguals - November 2009
Speech Control In Children With Down Syndrome
Speech Intelligibility from 12 to 48 Months
Speech Production in People with Down Syndrome
Speech Sound Disorders In Children: The Basics and Beyond
Speech Sound Disorders: Articulation and Phonological Processes
Speech Sound Disorders: Causes and Number
Speech-Language Pathologist Ann Kummer And Child Psychologist Leslie Rescorla Discuss Language Delay In Young Children - Podcast
Speech-Language Pathologists and Early Intervention
Speech-Language Pathologists: Language Experts and Literacy Resource
Speech-Language-Reading Connections, and a Case Study of a Child with CAS whose Speech, Language and Reading Disabilities were Successfully Treated - featured April 29, 2011
Speech, Language and Communication for Individuals with Down Syndrome — An Overview
Sports and Stuttering
Strategies to Address Challenging Behavior in Young Children with Down Syndrome - featured October 1, 2010
Strategies to Reduce Paperwork for School-Based SLPs - featured December 2, 2011
Straws As Therapy Tools
Stuck for words? Word Retrieval Activities For Children - featured August 9, 2011
Stuttering - What Can Be Done About It?
Stuttering and the Bilingual Child
Stuttering Facts - Frequently Asked Questions
Stuttering Information
Stuttering Therapy: The Focus of Increased Communication
Stuttering Therapy: The Focus of Increased Communication - Featured October 29, 2010
Suggested IEP and 504
Suggestions for How To Help a Child with Selective Mutism Open Up
Summer Reading Programs for English Language Learners, Low SES, and Underserved Students - featured June 25, 2010
Summer Reading Programs for English Language Learners, Low SES, and Underserved Students - featured June 25, 2010
Summer Reading Programs for English Language Learners, Low SES, and Underserved Students - featured June 25, 2010
Supporting a child with Down syndrome through Reading Recovery
Tales From a Fourth-Grade Classroom: Collaboration Brings Personal Satisfaction, Improves Scores
Talk to Me: Issues in Acquiring Spoken Language for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders - featured April 9, 2010
Targeting Speech Sound Disorder Through Phonological Awareness Intervention - featured September 27, 2011
Teaching Numeracy - featured June 4, 2010
Teaching Social Thinking to Asperger Syndrome Students - featured August 2, 2010
Teaching Students to Say and Decode Polysyllabic Words - September 2007
Teaching the Intangibles - May 2009
Teaming Up for Literacy in the Schools
Teamwork Helps Struggling Readers: Response-to-Intervention Program Pairs SLP, Reading Teachers
Teen Bullying: What Parents Need To Know
Ten Tips To Ease Holiday Travels With Special Needs Children
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Therapy Outside the Box - The Joys and Challenges of Therapy in the Natural Environment - December 2009
Things I Look For in Therapy - (Written by a Stutterer) - January 9, 2010
This Isn't Mars After All: Parents and Children After the Diagnosis of Autism
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Three Common Myths of Bilingualism Debunked by a Speech Therapist - February 12, 2010
Tips for Parents Seeing Signs of Mutism: From Chicago Tribune
Tips for Summer Break for Children with Selective Mutism - featured June 11, 2010
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Tongue Thrust and Subsequent Articulation Disorders - October 9, 2009
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Treatment of Hypernasality in Children with Down Syndrome - featured September 12, 2011
Trisomy 21: The Story of Down Syndrome - featured August 24, 2012
Tummy Trouble! Gastroenterological Conditions That May Affect The Voice - featured December 3, 2010
Typical Developmental Errors in the Narratives of Bilingual Children - August 2009
Typical Developmental Errors in the Narratives of Bilingual Children - August 2009
Typical Developmental Errors in the Narratives of Bilingual Children - August 2009
Typical Speech Development - the Gradual Acquisition of the Speech Sound System
Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Role of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists in Service Delivery
Useful Tips for Parents: Do's and Don'ts When Helping the Selectively Mute Child
Using a Counseling Approach When Working with Children with Selective Mutism
Using Music to Learn and Practice Communication Skills - May 2008
Using Oral Deaf Education to Teach Deaf Children
Using Socially Interactive Word Play to Teach Vocabulary for Literacy - June 2009
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VCD - Vocal Cords Dysfunction - Audio
Vision and Values: What Works? First of Four-Part Series on Promoting Clinical Educational Excellence in Schools
Visual Schedules - December 6, 2009
Visual Supports = Success - December 2009
Visual Supports for Children with Down Syndrome - featured October 18, 2011
Vocal Nodules and Voice Strain - In Pre-Adolescents
Voice therapy for children 1 - Voice Strain & Vocal Nodules
Vowel Contrasts - Vowel Resources - for Phonological Therapy
Watching Children Learn to Listen and Speak
What Are Social Thinking Challenges? - featured March 18, 2011
What Are Stuttering and Speech Problems?
What Causes Down Syndrome - featured January 12, 2011
What causes Rett Syndrome?
What Causes Specific Language Impairment in Children?
What Do Children Hear? How Auditory Maturation Affects Speech Perception
What do we Know About the Needs of Children with Mosaic Down Syndrome and Their Families?
What Does it Mean to be Bilingual? - July 2009
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What is PRS? - (Pierre Robin Sequence)
What is Rett Syndrome?
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What role do genes play in language skills?
What's in a Name? - featured December 3, 2010
What's the Evidence For Oral Motor Therapy? --- A response to Bowen 2005
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Why Do Children Refuse or Resist Speech Therapy?
With Cyberbullying, There's No Safe Place, Study Finds
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Young people with communication disorders - Information For High School and University Students and their Parents And Teachers

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