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10 Things They Don't Teach You in School - Learning on the Job as a School Based Therapist
3D Vision Syndrome: What Your Clients Should Know - featured January 11, 2011
5 Ice Breakers for Pediatric Therapy - featured September 15, 2010
5 Steps to Improving Communication on the Special Education Team - August 14, 2009
A Look at Kinesio® Taping - featured May 26, 2011
A Parents Pain
A Randomized Clinical Trial of Strength Training in Young People with Cerebral Palsy
Activities for The Sensory Diet
Adapted Yoga for Children and Youth with Cerebral Palsy
ADHD and Your School-Aged Child - featured September 24, 2010
Alternative Treatments for Children with CP and Other Neurological Disorders - Q&A - November 2009
An Intensive Model of Therapy for a Child with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy: A Case Study
Aquatic Rehabilitation in Rett Syndrome
Art Therapy Groups for Autism Spectrum Disorders - How to Manage Behaviors in a Creative Environment - featured September 9, 2010
Ask Gwen: How to Decrease Hand-Flapping - featured September 14, 2010 - featured September 14, 2010
Assessment and Your Child's Brain Injury: FAQs
Assistive Technology and the IEP - featured September 3, 2010
Assistive Technology: Creating Independence for Students with Cerebral Palsy - January 2010
Atlantoaxial Instability in Down Syndrome: Controversy and Commentary - featured June 2, 2011
Attention Problems in Down Syndrome: Is this ADHD? - featured August 6, 2010
Autism and Considerations in Recreation and Physical Activity Settings
Autism and Horses: Understanding the Terms - December 11, 2009
Autism in Children and Adults with Down Syndrome
Autism Spectrum Disorders and Physical Therapy: The Motor Connection - featured April 16 2010
Back to School Activity Ideas for a Class which Includes a Child with Rett Syndrome
Back to School Resource to Share - Finding the Right Homework Spot - featured September 3, 2010
Back to School Screenings and Evaluations-Part 2 - featured September 8, 2011
Back-to-School: What it Means When You're in a Wheelchair - featured August 20, 2010
Behavior after Brain Injury in Children: FAQs
Behavioral Considerations Associated with Traumatic Brain Injury
Benefits of an Active Classroom - September 2009
Benefits of Co-Treatment Sessions of Speech/Occupational Therapy - featured October 28, 2010
Best Toys for Baby - Walkers and Exersaucers - March 2009
Bibliography of Studies on Music Therapy for Rett Syndrome
Brain Injury in Children and Adolescents: FAQs
BrainSTEPS (Strategies Teaching Educators, Parents, and Students) - featured April 30, 2010
Bullying: Help Your Child Handle A School Bully
But We Wish To Speak Our Language In The Home - September 2009
But We Wish To Speak Our Language In The Home - September 2009
Can a Passive Standing Program Improve Bone Density? - featured June 10, 2011
Can a Passive Standing Program Improve Motor Skills?
Cerebral Palsy - Facts & Figures - featured November 10, 2011
Cerebral Palsy and Exercise
Cerebral Palsy: Musculoskeletal Management: Companion CD
Checklist for Identifying Visual Perception Difficulties in a Student's Schoolwork - April 2007
Children with Brain Injury: Recovery and School
Children with MS
Choosing a Therapist for Hippotherapy - featured September 28, 2011
Collaboration Between Occupational Therapists and Optometrists - featured January 26, 2011
Connecting and Building Relationships with Parents for Better Outcomes in the Children You Work With - featured July 30, 2010
Considerations in Developing Home Programs - Featured May 28, 2010
Cooperative Themed Speech Therapy Games and Activities - September 2009
Coping with Crisis: Helping Children With Special Needs - featured February 4, 2011
Dealing with the Reversal Problem - June 2008
Developmental Milestones for Children with Down Syndrome
Disability Etiquette - Tips On Interacting With People With Disabilities - Featured July 23, 2010
Down Syndrome and Exercise - featured October 27, 2010
Down Syndrome Fact Sheet
Down Syndrome: Frequently Asked Questions
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Exercise - featured June 1, 2011
Educational Rights Of Children With Traumatic Brain Injury - featured December 17, 2010
Emergency Evacuation Should Be Part of the IEP - featured September 21, 2011
Equipment for Rett Syndrome
Exercises to Improve Gait Abnormalities - featured July 2, 2010
Fact Sheet on Cerebral Palsy: Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Fact Sheet: Angelman Syndrome - November 6, 2009
Facts About Angelman Syndrome
Feedforward Strategy in Children - featured September 9, 2010
Fine Motor Skills: The Key to a Lifetime of Educational Success - featured August 29, 2011
Foundations for Visual Perception (Activity ideas) - featured October 28, 2010
Frequently Asked Questions: Rett Syndrome - featured April 2, 2010
Friendships and Our Children
Functional Skills of Children with Cerebral Palsy - featured August 13, 2010
Functional strength training in cerebral palsy - featured July 30, 2010
Give Recess the Respect It Deserves - Featured June 18, 2010
Gross Motor Development and Down Syndrome - featured August 13, 2010
Guest Blog: 10 Activities to do on a Scooter Board - featured August 16, 2011
Guest Blog: Aquatic Therapy For Children: The Sensory-Motor Benefits - featured August 10, 2011
Guest Blog: Dyspraxia: Conquering the Motor Challenges - featured March 24, 2011
Guest Blog: Handwriting: Starting with Basic Strokes and Shapes - featured August 30, 2011
Guest Blog: It’s in the Clouds—Therapy Ideas - featured September 19, 2011
Guest Blog: Lion, Snake and Butterfly: Yoga Games You Can Do With The Kids - featured September 19, 2011
Guest Blog: Movement as a Tool - How We Can Learn Through our Strengths
Guest Blog: No Ordinary 4-Year Old - featured September 9, 2011
Guest Blog: Studying for the PCS Exam - featured April 21, 2011
Guest Blog: The Process of Articulation Therapy - featured September 15, 2011
Guest Blog: The Psychology of Color - featured September 12, 2011
Guest Blog: The Psychology of Color - featured September 12, 2011
Guest Blog: Therapeutic Balls - featured September 19, 2011
Guest Blog: Tippy Toes - featured September 24, 2010
Guest Blog: Trunk Strengthening for Kids - featured December 9, 2011
Guest Blog: Why is W-sitting a Four Letter Word? - featured January 5, 2012
Guest Blog: Achieving Everyday Milestones – Potty Training - featured September 28, 2011
Guest Blog: Autism on the Playground: Lessons from the Parenthood Episode
Guest Blog: It Takes Two to Tango - featured October 21, 2010
Guest Blog: Learn to Move It, Move It - featured September 9, 2010
Guest Blog: Red Flags for Autism in Toddlers - featured August 30, 2011
Guest Video Blog: A Physical Therapist's Perspective on Standing
Hippotherapy - Healing on Horseback - May 2009
Hippotherapy Helps Children with Autism Develop Fine-Motor Skills - featured September 8, 2011
History of Rett Syndrome
Holiday Gift Guide for Kids—and Their Adults—with Spinal Cord Issues
How Many Pitches Should My Son Throw - An Educated Personal Story - February 2007
How to Get the Most Out of Group Therapy Sessions - February 2008
IEP Team Meetings: A Guide To Participation For Parents - featured September 3, 2010
Imagine a Boy Lost in a Sea of People - featured September 20, 2010
Impaired Brain Plasticity Linked To Angelman Syndrome Learning Deficits
Improving Balance in Preschool Children - featured April 29, 2011
Improving Prosody in CAS - featured September 24, 2010
Individualized Education Program (IEP) Guidance - featured August 30, 2011
Infant & Childhood Stroke Fact Sheet - featured November 5, 2010
Looking At Metabolism
Making a Difference for Children with Autism through Occupational Therapy - September 2008
Making the Pitch for Music Therapy - November 2009
Managing Spasticity in Children With Cerebral Palsy Requires a Team Approach - featured May 12, 2011
Mosaic Down Syndrome - August 21, 2009
Motor Deficits in Children with Autism and Related Disorders - Featured June 18, 2010
Motor Development For Individuals With Down Syndrome – An Overview - featured October 28, 2011
Multiple Sclerosis : Designing an Exercise Program
Multiple Sclerosis and Exercise
Multiple Sclerosis Fact Sheet
Muscular Dystrophy: Fact Sheet
Musculoskeletal Disorders in Down Syndrome - featured September 30, 2011
Nickie's McDonald's Story- How a Young Woman is Fighting Back in the Battle Against MS
NINDS Alexander Disease Information Page
NINDS Fact Sheet: Friedreich's Ataxia - featured July 16, 2010
Organize a Sensory Showtime Event in Your Town - featured September 4, 2009
Parenting a Child with Cerebral Palsy (or Parents Rights)
Pediatric Brain Injury - featured March 4, 2011
Pediatric Overuse Injuries - Part 1
Pediatric Overuse Injuries - Part 2
Physical Activity and the Deaf Community
Physical Activity Linked to Smarts, Success in School - featured December 11, 2009
PICS - Parents Involved in Classroom Success - April 2008
Practical Ideas to Stimulate Figure - Ground Skills - September 2009
Preferred Language Guide: Down Syndrome - featured August 1, 2011
Prevalence of Rett and Related Disorders
Protecting Students With Disabilities
Q&A - How Can Therapists Help Parents Implement Therapy Activities At Home - featured May 28, 2010
Q&A – Pediatric Palliative Care - Featured December 31, 2010
Q&A on Hippotherapy: Do You Have the Ride Stuff? - Featured July 30, 2010
Q&A So, You Want To Try Early Intervention? - August 2009
Q&A What is Selective Mutism? - September 2009
Q&A with Lindsey Biel on Sensory Processing Disorder - featured March 26, 2010
Q&A: Ask the Expert - Letters from OTs to Susan Orloff about Autism - Featured September 24, 2010
Q&A: Ask the Expert: Vision Screenings & When to Refer for a Developmental Vision Evaluation: What Every OTR Should Know - featured May 26, 2011
Q&A: Traumatic Brain Injury - Tracking Recovery of Children with Traumatic Brain Injury - featured February, 2010
Q&A: What Are The Basic Features Of Rett Syndrome? - Featured June 25, 2010
Q&A: XXYY Syndrome - featured April 30, 2010
Recent Advances in Management of Cerebral Palsy
Research News: Neuroscientists Find Brain Region Responsible For Our Sense Of Personal Space - September 4, 2009
Resistance Training for Children with Cerebral Palsy
Rett Syndrome: Flyers, Brochures and Fact Sheets
Rett Syndrome: Helpful Hints
Rett Syndrome: Implications for Physical Education and Other Movement Settings - featured December 30, 2011
Rett Syndrome: Implications for Physical Education and Other Movement Settings - featured December 30, 2011
Rett Syndrome: Implications for Physical Education and Other Movement Settings - featured December 30, 2011
Rett Syndrome: Implications for Physical Education and Other Movement Settings - featured December 30, 2011
Rett Syndrome: Language Without Speech
Rett Syndrome: Links to disorders beyond autism spectrum
Rett Syndrome: The Reversal Experiments Changed Everything
Review of Morgans Wonderland - featured June 25, 2010
Rights And Reasons Of Left-Handedness - featured September 13, 2010
Rock Climbing's therapeutic benefits for people with Autism and Asperger's - July, 24 2009
Role of Mechanical Power in the O2 Costs of Walking in Children with Cerebral Palsy
Sample Letter For Parent, Teacher Or Therapist To Send To Parents Of Other Children In Class With A Rett Syndrome Student - featured July 9, 2010
Sample of a Comprehensive Guide To Having A Child With Rett Syndrome In The School Setting
Sara Rosenfeld-Johnsons Approach to Oral-Motor Feeding and Speech Therapy
School Bullying Activist: I Know The Terror Phoebe Felt
Scoliosis Guidelines for Rett Syndrome
Scoliosis in Rett Syndrome
Scoliosis In Rett Syndrome - Booklet
Scoliosis In Rett Syndrome: A Collaboration Between Parents, Clinicians And Researchers
Seating Systems for Children with Special Needs
Sensory Processing Disorder- Sensory Underresponsivity, Sensory Seeking & the Sensory Fluctuator - September 18, 2009
Sensory-Motor Rehabilitation in Rett Syndrome: a Case Report.(Clinical report)
Sitting for Task Participation
Sitting in Motion - An Active Sitting Concept for Children with Special Needs - featured August 27, 2010
Spanish Books to use in Speech Therapy - September 4, 2009
Spina Bifida - Physical Activity Guidelines - featured November 12, 2010
Strategies to Address Challenging Behavior in Young Children with Down Syndrome - featured October 1, 2010
Supporting Individuals with Acquired Brain Injury in Developing a Fitness Program
Tactile Defensiveness: The Facts About the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol
Taking a Look at Conductive Education - featured October 27, 2011
Taking a Look at Conductive Education - featured October 27, 2011
Targeting Speech Sound Disorder Through Phonological Awareness Intervention - featured September 27, 2011
Teaching Children Interpersonal, Problem-Solving, and Conflict Resolution Skills - May 2007
Teaching Students to Say and Decode Polysyllabic Words - September 2007
Technologies in Physical Rehabilitation of CP Patients - Featured December 31, 2010
Teen Bullying: What Parents Need To Know
Ten Tips To Ease Holiday Travels With Special Needs Children
Testing & Diagnosis of Rett Syndrome
The Challenge Of Training Parents - featured November 19, 2010
The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Endurance, Strength, Function and Self-Perception in Adolescents with Spastic Cerebral Palsy: A Report of Three Case Studies - featured September 14, 2011
The Effects of Exercise on Children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
The Goal and Opportunity of Physical Therapy for Children with Down Syndrome - featured December 9, 2010
The Importance of Clinical Videotaping in Pediatric Therapy - featured March 21, 2011
The Sense of Touch - featured August 31, 2011
The Top 10 “Do’s and Don’ts” of Providing Therapy in the Home - featured September 26, 2011
Therapy Information Lokomat® Training for Infantile Cerebral Palsy
Therapy with Blind and Low Vision Patients - April 2009
This page has been deleted
Traumatic Brain Injury under the Special Education Law: FAQs
Treating Children With Feeding Disorders
Treatment of Hypernasality in Children with Down Syndrome - featured September 12, 2011
Trisomy 21: The Story of Down Syndrome - featured August 24, 2012
Understanding Tests and Measurements for the Parent and Advocate: Part 1
Understanding Tests and Measurements for the Parent and Advocate: Part 2
Vibration Treatment In Cerebral Palsy: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study - featured January 6, 2011
Visual Schedules - December 6, 2009
What Are Social Thinking Challenges? - featured March 18, 2011
What Causes Down Syndrome - featured January 12, 2011
What causes Rett Syndrome?
What do we Know About the Needs of Children with Mosaic Down Syndrome and Their Families?
What Is Caudal Regression Syndrome? - featured July 9, 2010
What is Cerebral Palsy? Written For Kids - featured November 19, 2010
What is Rett Syndrome?
What is Spina Bifida? - featured May 10, 2011
What You Can Do When Learning and Attention Problems are Due to a Vision Problem - featured August 25, 2011
What's in a Name? - featured December 3, 2010
What’s the difference? Clinic-Based Versus School-Based Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy? - featured April 22, 2011
Why Conceptual Scoring? - featured September 26, 2011
Why Touch is So Important - featured November 26, 2010
Why Touch is So Important - featured November 26, 2010
Why Touch is So Important - featured November 26, 2010
Why Touch is So Important - featured November 26, 2010
Why We Really Need to Treat Gravitational Issues - December 2007
Wiiiiii!: Adaptive Exercise That’s Actually Fun
With Cyberbullying, There's No Safe Place, Study Finds
Working with Children with Behavioral Difficulties During Therapy Sessions - Q&A December 2009
Working with Schools - from Raising a Sensory Smart Child - Therapist Resource of the Week: featured June 11, 2010
World Language Perspectives - featured September 24, 2010
Worth Repeating: 56 Interesting Facts about Left-Handedness & Left-Handed People - featured September 15, 2011
Worth Repeating: Diagnosis of Specific Language Impairment - featured September 19, 2011
Worth Repeating: Expert Offers Ways to Distinguish Between Picky Eating and a Pediatric Feeding Disorder - featured September 27, 2011
Worth Repeating: Response for Intervention (RTI): A Primer for Parents - featured September 23, 2011
Worth Repeating: What Works for Early Language and Literacy Development - featured August 31, 2011
Writing a Successful Letter of Medical Necessity for Assistive Technology - featured September 6, 2011
Writing Letters and Their Role in Advocating for Your Child
Yoga for Youths

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