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10 Stages in the Emergence of Speaking at School
10 Things They Don't Teach You in School - Learning on the Job as a School Based Therapist
5 Ice Breakers for Pediatric Therapy - featured September 15, 2010
5 Steps to Improving Communication on the Special Education Team - August 14, 2009
A Cognitive Development Primer for Parents
A Family History Study of Selective Mutism - featured August 10, 2011
A Little Levity: Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood, a Neurodevelopmental Perspective on A.A. Milne - featured April 19, 2010
A Parents Pain
A Spoonful of Music
A Topical Bibliography on Oral Motor Assessment and Treatment - December 2008
Accommodations and Modifications for Students with Handwriting Problems and-or Dysgraphia - November 13, 2009
Activities for The Sensory Diet
Adapted Yoga for Children and Youth with Cerebral Palsy
Addressing the Issue of Speech Anxiety with Selectively Mute Children
Alternative Treatments for Children with CP and Other Neurological Disorders - Q&A - November 2009
An Intensive Model of Therapy for a Child with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy: A Case Study
April is Occupational Therapy Month - featured March 25, 2011
Assessment and Your Child's Brain Injury: FAQs
Assistive Technology and the IEP - featured September 3, 2010
Asynchronous Development and Sensory Integration Intervention in the Gifted and Talented Population - featured July 21, 2011
Atlantoaxial Instability in Down Syndrome: Controversy and Commentary - featured June 2, 2011
Attention Problems in Down Syndrome: Is this ADHD? - featured August 6, 2010
Autism and Considerations in Recreation and Physical Activity Settings
Autism and Horses: Understanding the Terms - December 11, 2009
Autism in Children and Adults with Down Syndrome
Autism Spectrum Disorders and Stuttering
Autism: How Horses are Helping - featured April 9, 2010
Autistic Perseveration
Back to School Activity Ideas for a Class which Includes a Child with Rett Syndrome
Back-to-School: What it Means When You're in a Wheelchair - featured August 20, 2010
Behavior after Brain Injury in Children: FAQs
Behavioral Considerations Associated with Traumatic Brain Injury
Benefits of an Active Classroom - September 2009
Benefits of Co-Treatment Sessions of Speech/Occupational Therapy - featured October 28, 2010
Best Toys for Baby - Walkers and Exersaucers - March 2009
Bibliography of Studies on Music Therapy for Rett Syndrome
Bipolar Disorder: Pediatric/Occupational Therapy Perspectives - June 2009
Book Review: Early Intervention Games - by Barbara Sher
Books – Connecting Beyond the Pages - August 2009
Brain Injury in Children and Adolescents: FAQs
BrainSTEPS (Strategies Teaching Educators, Parents, and Students) - featured April 30, 2010
Building Language Skills in Children with Autism
Bullying: Help Your Child Handle A School Bully
Can a Passive Standing Program Improve Motor Skills?
Cerebral Palsy - Facts & Figures - featured November 10, 2011
Cerebral Palsy and Exercise
Checklist for Identifying Visual Perception Difficulties in a Student's Schoolwork - April 2007
Children Who Suffer in Silence - featured January 28, 2011
Children with Brain Injury: Recovery and School
Children with MS
Choosing a Therapist for Hippotherapy - featured September 28, 2011
Classroom Strategies for Teachers of Selectively Mute Children - featured November 21, 2011
Clinic and Home Activities for Developing Fine Motor Control - Featured June 4, 2010
Clinical Decision Making and Oral Motor Treatments
Clinical Prevalence Of Drooling In Infant Cerebral Palsy
Combining Therapies to Treat Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)- Featured May 28, 2010
Computers and Autism Spectrum Disorders - July 2008
Connecting and Building Relationships with Parents for Better Outcomes in the Children You Work With - featured July 30, 2010
Connections Between Tongue Placement and Dental Alignment
Considerations in Developing Home Programs - Featured May 28, 2010
Constipation and Sensory Processing Disorder
Coordinated Oral-Motor Treatment
Coping with Crisis: Helping Children With Special Needs - featured February 4, 2011
Craft Activities for Occupational Therapy - featured July 2, 2010
Creating Your NBCOT® OTR® or OTA® Certification Exam Study Plan
Dealing with the Reversal Problem - June 2008
Developing a Tripod Grasp For Handwriting - featured November 21, 2011
Developing Working Memory Skills for Children with Down Syndrome - March 19, 2009
Developmental Milestones for Children with Down Syndrome
Disability Etiquette - Tips On Interacting With People With Disabilities - Featured July 23, 2010
Down Syndrome and Exercise - featured October 27, 2010
Down Syndrome Fact Sheet
Down Syndrome Q&A
Down Syndrome: Frequently Asked Questions
Echolalia...Friend or Foe? - November 2008
Educational Rights Of Children With Traumatic Brain Injury - featured December 17, 2010
Effective Instruction: Optimizing Outcomes Following ABI - featured August 16, 2011
Empathy, Remorse, and Judgment: Activities of Daily Living beyond dressing and feeding! - December 2009
Equipment for Rett Syndrome
Evidence-based Interventions for the Underlying Components of Academic Success: Sensory, Work Habits, Processing and Behavior - featured December 27, 2011
Evidence-based Interventions for the Underlying Components of Academic Success: Sensory, Work Habits, Processing and Behavior - featured December 27, 2011
Evidence-based Interventions for the Underlying Components of Academic Success: Sensory, Work Habits, Processing and Behavior - featured December 27, 2011
Examples of Heavy Work Activities (aka "Deep Pressure")
Exercises to Strengthen the Soft Palate
Extra-Curricular Activities -- Enrichment or Substitute Parenting? - featured June 24, 2011
Fact Sheet on Cerebral Palsy: Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Fact Sheet: Angelman Syndrome - November 6, 2009
Fact Sheet: Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder
Facts About Angelman Syndrome
Family TV Watching and Sensory Processing
Finding Sensory Integration Treatment That Fits Your Child - featured April 30, 2010
Fine Motor Skills: The Key to a Lifetime of Educational Success - featured August 29, 2011
Floor Time as a Play Therapy Intervention for Children Impacted by Selective Mutism - featured March 10, 2011
Four Steps of Communication - featured November 26, 2010
Frequently Asked Questions About Selective Mutism - Part One
Frequently Asked Questions About Selective Mutism - Part Three
Frequently Asked Questions About Selective Mutism - Part Two
Frequently Asked Questions by Clinicians about SPD
Frequently Asked Questions: Rett Syndrome - featured April 2, 2010
Friendships and Our Children
Functional Skills of Children with Cerebral Palsy - featured August 13, 2010
Get to the Goal - featured January 28, 2011
Going to the Dentist - July 17, 2009
Graphomotor Skills: Why Some Kids Hate To Write - featured December 3, 2010
Gross Motor Development and Down Syndrome - featured August 13, 2010
Guest Blog - Jezzabella's OT Experiences - featured August 26, 2011
Guest Blog: 10 Activities to do on a Scooter Board - featured August 16, 2011
Guest Blog: Animal Shapes to Encourage Gross Motor Skills - featured December 9, 2010
Guest Blog: Aquatic Therapy For Children: The Sensory-Motor Benefits - featured August 10, 2011
Guest Blog: Correcting Letter Reversals - featured October 21, 2011
Guest Blog: Developing Attention, Listening and Memory Skills - featured June 7, 2011
Guest Blog: Every Motor Event is a Sensory Event First - featured June 8, 2011
Guest Blog: Evidenced Based and the Placebo Effect - featured November 11, 2011
Guest Blog: Eyes and Hands are Attached to the Body - featured May 6, 2011
Guest Blog: Get a Grip - featured March 7, 2011
Guest Blog: Great Day in the Morning - featured January 7, 2011
Guest Blog: Handwriting: Starting with Basic Strokes and Shapes - featured August 30, 2011
Guest Blog: Managing Circle Time - featured February 28, 2011
Guest Blog: Movement as a Tool - How We Can Learn Through our Strengths
Guest Blog: Playing Footsie With Little Tootsies - featured March 29, 2011
Guest Blog: The Power of Therapeutic Play - featured May 19, 2011
Guest Blog: Tippy Toes - featured September 24, 2010
Guest Blog: Trunk Strengthening for Kids - featured December 9, 2011
Guest Blog: When a Child Can't Get His Work Done in Class - featured February 2, 2011
Guest Blog: Achieving Everyday Milestones – Potty Training - featured September 28, 2011
Guest Blog: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Therapist - featured December 14, 2011
Guest Blog: By Hand
Guest Blog: Helping Children with Autism Deal with Transitions - featured November 21, 2011
Guest Blog: Learn to Move It, Move It - featured September 9, 2010
Guest Blog: The Struggle to Succeed - featured August 25, 2011
Guest Blog: Using Pictures To Help With Beginning Language - featured October 13, 2011
Guidelines for Competency in the Application of Sensory Integration Theory
Gymnastics: Not Your Typical Speech/Language Therapy-The Benefits It Provides for Children With Special Needs - featured July 29, 2011
Gymnastics: Not Your Typical Speech/Language Therapy-The Benefits It Provides for Children With Special Needs - featured July 29, 2011
Gymnastics: Not Your Typical Speech/Language Therapy-The Benefits It Provides for Children With Special Needs - featured July 29, 2011
Handling The Transfer To Secondary School
Handwriting Myths Exposed - January 15, 2010
Healing on Horseback -- May 2009
Heavy Work Activities (Proprioceptive Input) They Need Them, They Crave Them!
Help for Problem Sleepers - featured March 1, 2011
Helping a Child With Sensory Smarts - October 2009
Helping Children with Autism Self Regulate in the Classroom - July 10, 2009
Helping our Teachers Understand Selective Mutism
Helping Parents Promote Fine Motor Skills - featured January 27, 2011
Helping Socially Anxious and Selectively Mute Children: Guidelines for Teachers and School Personnel
Helping the Child with Selective Mutism Acknowledge, Assess & Understand their Anxiety
Helping Your Child Navigate Social Dilemmas
Hippotherapy - Healing on Horseback - May 2009
Hippotherapy Helps Children with Autism Develop Fine-Motor Skills - featured September 8, 2011
Hippotherapy: A Rehabilitating therapy for the Rett Syndrome A Case Study
History of Rett Syndrome
Holiday Gift Guide for Kids—and Their Adults—with Spinal Cord Issues
Home Activities for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder
Horns As Therapy Tools
Horsepower from Within - How Horses Restore Strength and Spirit - featured February 24, 2012
How to Get the Most Out of Group Therapy Sessions - February 2008
How to Teach Straw Drinking - featured December 12, 2011
Ideas for Improving Visual Perception
IEP Team Meetings: A Guide To Participation For Parents - featured September 3, 2010
Imagine a Boy Lost in a Sea of People - featured September 20, 2010
Impaired Brain Plasticity Linked To Angelman Syndrome Learning Deficits
Importance of an Early diagnosis of Selective Mutism (SM)
Importance of Balance & Sensory Integration Skills Development in Children - featured March 12, 2010
Importance of Music Therapy for Children/Adults with Rett Syndrome
Improving Feeding Safety and Speech Clarity for Clients with Moebius Syndrome
Increase Expressive Communication in Individuals with ASD - October 2008
Individualized Education Plans or Section 504 Plans for children diagnosed with a Childhood Anxiety Disorder and Selective Mutism
Infant & Childhood Stroke Fact Sheet - featured November 5, 2010
Intervention Strategies for Children with Self Stimulation Behaviors - featured April 25, 2011
Intervention Strategies for Children with Self Stimulation Behaviors - featured April 25, 2011
Investigating Free Software For Children With Down Syndrome
Is there an Affect between Diet and Selective Mutism?
Learning Styles and Sensory Processing Disorder - Featured October 15, 2010
Learning to be Creative with Autism - August 2008
Lip Exercises to Strengthen Weak Muscle Tone in Cheeks
Logic, Theory and Evidence Against the Use of Non-Speech Oral Motor Exercises to Change Speech Sound Productions
Looking At Metabolism
Making a Difference for Children with Autism through Occupational Therapy - September 2008
Making Sense of Attentional Issues - featured August 24, 2010
Making the Pitch for Music Therapy - November 2009
Managing Spasticity in Children With Cerebral Palsy Requires a Team Approach - featured May 12, 2011
Mealtime Battles: Five Components of Picky Eating - featured January 23, 2012
Montessori Sensory Tubs: Sand Play Without a Sandbox - featured July 10, 2009
Mosaic Down Syndrome - August 21, 2009
Motor Deficits in Children with Autism and Related Disorders - Featured June 18, 2010
Motor Development For Individuals With Down Syndrome – An Overview - featured October 28, 2011
Multi-Modal Communication Strategies for Children Who have Rett Syndrome
Musculoskeletal Disorders in Down Syndrome - featured September 30, 2011
My Child Has Selective Mutism, What Do I Do Now?
Navigating the Social World of Elementary School (Notes for Parents and Teachers and Those Who Support Them)
NBCOT® Clinical Simulation Test Problem - featured December 15, 2010
Nickie's McDonald's Story- How a Young Woman is Fighting Back in the Battle Against MS
NIMH - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Information Page
NINDS Alexander Disease Information Page
NINDS Asperger Syndrome Information Page
NINDS Fact Sheet: Friedreich's Ataxia - featured July 16, 2010
Nintendo Wii as OT - March 2009
Nonspeech Oral Motor Exercises - An Update on the Controversy - ASHA 2009
Nutrition and Autism: Evidence vs. Speculation - Featured March 26, 2010
Obesity, the Sensory/Emotional System and Learning - featured January 27, 2012
Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy: Why We Need Each Other - Featured December 31, 2010
Occupational Therapy and the Child with Down Syndrome - February 2010
Occupational Therapy, Autism and Tactics of Self-Regulation - featured March 5, 2010
Oral Motor Exercises for Speech Clarity
Oral Motor Therapy - Controversial Practice in Speech-Language Pathology
Oral Motor Therapy: Devising Your Own Oral Motor Home Programme
Oral Sensitivities: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment
Organize a Sensory Showtime Event in Your Town - featured September 4, 2009
Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders
Pacifiers, Sippy Cups and Thumb Sucking - UhOh!? - August 2007
Parenting a Child with Cerebral Palsy (or Parents Rights)
Pediatric Brain Injury - featured March 4, 2011
Pencil Grasp Patterns - May 2009
PICS - Parents Involved in Classroom Success - April 2008
Picture Exchange Communication System - featured October 13, 2011
Practical Ideas to Stimulate Figure - Ground Skills - September 2009
Practical, User Friendly Information on Sensory Motor Processing - March 2008
Preferred Language Guide: Down Syndrome - featured August 1, 2011
Presentation of Children/Teens with Selective Mutism thru the Ages
Prevalence of Rett and Related Disorders
Proprioceptive Dysfunction
Protecting Students With Disabilities
Q&A - How Can Therapists Help Parents Implement Therapy Activities At Home - featured May 28, 2010
Q&A - Using an Auditory Program in your Practice - featured January 28, 2011
Q&A – Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Autism - June 2009
Q&A – Pediatric Palliative Care - Featured December 31, 2010
Q&A on Hippotherapy: Do You Have the Ride Stuff? - Featured July 30, 2010
Q&A So, You Want To Try Early Intervention? - August 2009
Q&A What is Selective Mutism? - September 2009
Q&A with Lindsey Biel on Sensory Processing Disorder - featured March 26, 2010
Q&A: Sensational Homeschooling: Weaving in a Sensory Diet - featured October 29, 2010
Q&A: Ask the Expert - Letters from OTs to Susan Orloff about Autism - Featured September 24, 2010
Q&A: Ask the Expert: Vision Screenings & When to Refer for a Developmental Vision Evaluation: What Every OTR Should Know - featured May 26, 2011
Q&A: Traumatic Brain Injury - Tracking Recovery of Children with Traumatic Brain Injury - featured February, 2010
Q&A: What Are The Basic Features Of Rett Syndrome? - Featured June 25, 2010
Q&A: XXYY Syndrome - featured April 30, 2010
Raising a Sensory Smart Child - Practical Solutions for Daily Challenges - October 16, 2009
Reading an NBCOT® Exam Question
Recent Advances in Management of Cerebral Palsy
Reduced Auditory Efferent Activity in Childhood Selective Mutism
Research News: Neuroscientists Find Brain Region Responsible For Our Sense Of Personal Space - September 4, 2009
Researching the Effectiveness of Sensory Integration - featured February 17, 2011
Rett Syndrome: Flyers, Brochures and Fact Sheets
Rett Syndrome: Helpful Hints
Rett Syndrome: Implications for Physical Education and Other Movement Settings - featured December 30, 2011
Rett Syndrome: Implications for Physical Education and Other Movement Settings - featured December 30, 2011
Rett Syndrome: Implications for Physical Education and Other Movement Settings - featured December 30, 2011
Rett Syndrome: Implications for Physical Education and Other Movement Settings - featured December 30, 2011
Rett Syndrome: Language Without Speech
Rett Syndrome: Links to disorders beyond autism spectrum
Rett Syndrome: The Reversal Experiments Changed Everything
Review of Morgans Wonderland - featured June 25, 2010
Rights And Reasons Of Left-Handedness - featured September 13, 2010
Rock Climbing's therapeutic benefits for people with Autism and Asperger's - July, 24 2009
Sample Letter For Parent, Teacher Or Therapist To Send To Parents Of Other Children In Class With A Rett Syndrome Student - featured July 9, 2010
Sample of a Comprehensive Guide To Having A Child With Rett Syndrome In The School Setting
Sara Rosenfeld-Johnsons Approach to Oral-Motor Feeding and Speech Therapy
School Bullying Activist: I Know The Terror Phoebe Felt
School-Based Intervention Using Muscle Relaxation Techniques
School-Based Strategies for Building Rapport with Selectively Mute Children
Scoliosis Guidelines for Rett Syndrome
Scoliosis in Rett Syndrome
Scoliosis In Rett Syndrome - Booklet
Selective Mutism - Defined and Explained on the ASHA Website
Selective Mutism and Behavioral Inhibition
Selective Mutism in Elementary School
Selective Mutism in the News - Time Magazine
Selective Mutism Intervention
Selective Mutism-Stages of Social Communication Comfort Scale ©
Selective Mutism: An Integrated Treatment Approach
Selective Mutism: Described
Selective Mutism: Selected References & Resources
Sensory Assessments As Part of a Unified Early Learning Testing Protocol - featured March 25, 2011
Sensory Diet Applications and Environmental Modifications: A Winning Combination
Sensory Integration Activities: Treatment That Works Skills That Matter
Sensory Integration Therapy for Cerebral Palsy - featured November 5, 2010
Sensory Integration Therapy for Children with Autism
Sensory Oral-Motor Treatment - November 2009
Sensory Parenting Newborns to Toddlers - Featured December 31, 2010
Sensory Processing Disorder and the Overresponsive Child
Sensory Processing Disorder Checklist
Sensory Processing Disorder vs. Attention Deficit Disorder
Sensory Processing Disorder- Sensory Underresponsivity, Sensory Seeking & the Sensory Fluctuator - September 18, 2009
Sensory-Motor Rehabilitation in Rett Syndrome: a Case Report.(Clinical report)
Sitting for Task Participation
SM Reference List
Social Fitness for Students with Asperger's Syndrome: A Classroom-Based Program for Secondary Schools - featured December 9, 2010
Social-Communication Anxiety Inventory
SPD Expert, Chynna Laird, Reports...The Essentials For A ‘Sensational’ Learning Environment
Special Education: Music Therapy Research and Evidence-Based Practice Support
Strabismus Vision Therapy
Strategies to Address Challenging Behavior in Young Children with Down Syndrome - featured October 1, 2010
Straws As Therapy Tools
Subtypes of SPD
Suggested IEP and 504
Suggestions for How To Help a Child with Selective Mutism Open Up
Summer Activity Ideas for Occupational Therapists to Use - featured June 1, 2011
Summer Tips for Kiddos with Sensory Processing Challenges - featured July 18, 2011
Supporting Individuals with Acquired Brain Injury in Developing a Fitness Program
Tactile Defensiveness and other Tactile System Disorders
Tactile Defensiveness: The Facts About the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol
Task Specificity in Early Oral Motor Development
Teaching Children Interpersonal, Problem-Solving, and Conflict Resolution Skills - May 2007
Teaching Numeracy - featured June 4, 2010
Teen Bullying: What Parents Need To Know
Ten Ideas to Increase a Child’s Attention Span and Tolerance for Frustration - featured July 2, 2010
Ten Tips To Ease Holiday Travels With Special Needs Children
Testing & Diagnosis of Rett Syndrome
The Challenge Of Training Parents - featured November 19, 2010
The Holistic Learning Outcomes of Musical Play for Children with Down Syndrome
The Importance of Generalization of Skills - July 2009
The Interpretation of Handwriting- March 26, 2010
The Many Health Perks of Good Handwriting - featured June 20, 2011
The MELTR: A tool for communication assessment in Therapeutic Riding/Hippotherapy - June 19, 2009
The Next Attention Deficit Disorder?
The Oral Motor Debate: A Reflection and Follow-up
The Oral-Motor Debate
The Oral-Motor Myths of Down Syndrome - January 2007
The Power of Music: Musical Practice & Brain Development
The Robot Guiding Tom's Writing - featured October 23, 2009
The Role of the Jaw for Feeding and Speech
The Secret To Making Fine Motor Skills Activities For Children Fun
The Sense of Touch - featured August 31, 2011
The Sensory Driven Child - What Makes Them Tick and What Makes Them Ticked - featured March 11, 2011
The Sensory Integration Observation Guide - Level I: 0 - 12 month old scale
The Sensory Smart Classroom - featured February 3, 2011
The Vestibular System Goes To School - February 2010
Therapy Information Lokomat® Training for Infantile Cerebral Palsy
This page has been deleted
Tips for Parents Seeing Signs of Mutism: From Chicago Tribune
Tips for Summer Break for Children with Selective Mutism - featured June 11, 2010
Toilet Training in Down Syndrome - November, 2009
Tongue Exercises for Patients with Down Syndrome
Tongue Thrust and Subsequent Articulation Disorders - October 9, 2009
Top Ten Toys for Developing Fine Motor Skills in Young Children - August 7, 2009
Traumatic Brain Injury under the Special Education Law: FAQs
Trisomy 21: The Story of Down Syndrome - featured August 24, 2012
Twelve Ideas for Improving Attention in the Classroom
Understanding How Gifted and Twice Exceptional Children Can Benefit From OT - featured October 25, 2011
Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder
Understanding Tests and Measurements for the Parent and Advocate: Part 1
Understanding Tests and Measurements for the Parent and Advocate: Part 2
Useful Tips for Parents: Do's and Don'ts When Helping the Selectively Mute Child
Using a Counseling Approach When Working with Children with Selective Mutism
Using Music to Learn and Practice Communication Skills - May 2008
Using Socially Interactive Word Play to Teach Vocabulary for Literacy - June 2009
Using Yoga in Occupational Therapy Treatment for Kids - August 2009
Vibration Treatment In Cerebral Palsy: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study - featured January 6, 2011
Visual Schedules - December 6, 2009
Visual Schedules for Special Needs Children - featured July 15, 2011
Visual Supports = Success - December 2009
Visual Supports for Children with Down Syndrome - featured October 18, 2011
What Are Social Thinking Challenges? - featured March 18, 2011
What Can We Do With Water at Home - featured November 13, 2009
What Can We Do With Water at Home - featured November 13, 2009
What Can We Do With Water at Home - featured November 13, 2009
What Causes Down Syndrome - featured January 12, 2011
What causes Rett Syndrome?
What do we Know About the Needs of Children with Mosaic Down Syndrome and Their Families?
What Does the Research Say Regarding Oral Motor Exercises and the Treatment of Speech Sound Disorders?
What Is Caudal Regression Syndrome? - featured July 9, 2010
What is Cerebral Palsy? Written For Kids - featured November 19, 2010
What is Rett Syndrome?
What is Sensory Integration Disorder?
What is Social Communication Anxiety Treatment (SCAT)?
What is Spina Bifida? - featured May 10, 2011
What Our Occupational Therapists Have Done Right: A Parent’s Perspective. - January 2010
What's in a Name? - featured December 3, 2010
What's the Evidence For Oral Motor Therapy? --- A response to Bowen 2005
What’s the difference? Clinic-Based Versus School-Based Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy? - featured April 22, 2011
When a Child's Play Themes Are Violent - featured June 17, 2011
When the Handwriting is On the Wall - July 2007
Why Touch is So Important - featured November 26, 2010
Why Touch is So Important - featured November 26, 2010
Why Touch is So Important - featured November 26, 2010
Why Touch is So Important - featured November 26, 2010
Why We Really Need to Treat Gravitational Issues - December 2007
Wiiiiii!: Adaptive Exercise That’s Actually Fun
With Cyberbullying, There's No Safe Place, Study Finds
Working with Children with Behavioral Difficulties During Therapy Sessions - Q&A December 2009
Working with Schools - from Raising a Sensory Smart Child - Therapist Resource of the Week: featured June 11, 2010
Worth Repeating: 56 Interesting Facts about Left-Handedness & Left-Handed People - featured September 15, 2011
Worth Repeating: Celebrate Crawling! 8 Reasons Crawling Creates Capable Kids - featured November 17, 2011
Worth Repeating: Effectiveness of Virtual Reality using Wii Gaming Gechnology in Children with Down Syndrome - featured April 11, 2011
Worth Repeating: Handwriting and its Ill Effects on Classroom Behavior - featured August 26, 2011
Worth Repeating: SPD Expert, Chynna Laird, Reports...Five Ways to Help Your ‘Sensational’ Kid Through Transition - shared on our blog August 27, 2010
Worth Repeating: Teach a Child the Proper Scissors Grip - featured December 14, 2011
Writers Block in Elementary Aged Children from an OTs Perspective - January 2008
Writing Letters and Their Role in Advocating for Your Child
Yoga an Effective Therapy for Down Syndrome - January 22 2010
Yoga for Youths

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