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ABA in the News: Autism's $100,000 Question - featured April 11, 2011

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Editor's Note: We regret that the authors of this article did not choose person first language, however we may not make changes to the article as excerpted.

[Source: Star]

It all started with a scientist and 19 autistic children.

Ole Ivar Lovaas, a psychologist at the University of California, wanted to see if he could change the way the children behaved, given enough time and effort. So he lavished them with intensive therapy for 40 hours a week for two years or more.

At the end of the experiment, Lovaas reported that nine children -- 47 percent -- had no visible sign of autism by first grade.

Today, almost 25 years later, therapists in Minnesota are charging up to $100,000 per year for the treatment Lovaas pioneered, and some parents believe it is the answer to their prayers. Now a battle is raging in Minnesota about whether taxpayers and health insurers should be forced to pay for the treatment, known as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

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