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A Parents Pain

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A Parent’s Pain

By: Aviva Weiss MS, OTR/L
Founder of Fun and Function

This article originally appeared on the Fun and Function Website and is reprinted here with express permission of Aviva Weiss, the Author and the president and co-founder of Fun and Function LLC.

NB: This article is written for the parents of children who have special needs and related problems. We publish it here because we know that therapists like to give their client's caregivers as much information as possible.

As professionals, we meet many moms and dads. We interact with their children and help them develop and acquire the skills necessary for life. We offer our insights, and make suggestions. As professionals, we care deeply about the children we treat, but at the end of the day we must move on. We go home to our own families and friends and live our lives.

As parents, we meet many professionals. They interact with our children, and together we try to help them develop and improve our children’s skills. We listen to their insights and suggestions. As parents, we care the most deeply about our children and agonize over their pain. Our fear is the most overwhelming when we are confronted with a new or uncertain diagnosis. We do not move on as readily at the end of the day. We micro-analyze the words offered by the professionals who work with our children. Most of us worry. We wake up in the middle of the night to check on our children. Some of us feel guilt.

Professionals, remember to speak to parents with care. If you are not a doctor, never diagnose. Be honest, but always show empathy. Offer hope. Remember, a parent’s pain does not go away at the end of the day

Featured Vendor: Fun and Function

Aviva Weiss is the president and co-founder of Fun and Function LLC ( is revolutionizing the way special needs children face their challenges while integrating more effectively into mainstream life. Founded in 2005, Fun and Function designs versatile products that help all children realize their full potential while providing added therapeutic benefits for children requiring developmental support.

A pediatric occupational therapist by vocation, Weiss was inspired to launch Fun and Function when she observed her infant daughter exhibiting sensory processing difficulties, a condition marked by hyper-sensitivity to certain sensory stimuli and motor coordination challenges. To help her daughter, Weiss shopped for a therapeutic weighted vest known for its soothing impact, but was unable to find an attractive one at any price. She began to design her own, leading to a full line of toys, equipment and costumes.

Today, Fun and Function has earned the loyalty of parents and therapists who appreciate its creative designs that inspire imaginative play, functional elements that have therapeutic value, and universal appeal that transcends the isolation of special needs to better integrate children into the mainstream.

Weiss is sought-after for her expertise in creating inclusive environments where all children can thrive together. She is currently working with a developmental pediatrician to guide children's museums toward improving experiences for children with special needs and their families.
Prior to founding Fun and Function, she worked at leading institutions Including Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and St. Christopher's Hospital. She earned her B.S. in Psychology from Touro College and her Masters in Occupational Therapy from The Richard Stockton College, graduating summa cum laude from both programs.

Weiss is the mother of four children, and co-founded the companys with her husband, Haskel Weiss. They live in the Philadelphia area

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