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PediaStaff CFY Program

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PediaStaff is committed to providing the tools and assistance needed for the transition from graduate school to a professional career. At PediaStaff we stand ready to provide an experienced Speech-Language Pathologist to provide supervision for therapist that do their Clinical Fellowship with our company.

Many times our school clients find it more beneficial for all involved if they provide the Clinical Fellowship Supervisor instead of PediaStaff. If this is the case PediaStaff will assign a clinical resource therapist to you in addition to the Clinical Fellowship Supervisor. The role of the Clinical Resource Therapist will be available to provide guidance and support during the CF year.

CFY Overview

The speech-language pathology clinical fellowship (CF) is the transition period between being a student enrolled in a communication sciences and disorders (CSD) program and being an independent provider of speech-language pathology clinical services. The CF involves a mentored professional experience after the completion of academic course work and clinical practicum.

Purpose of Clinical Fellowship

  • Integration and application of the theoretical knowledge from academic training
  • Evaluation of strengths and identification of limitations
  • Development and refinement of clinical skills consistent with the Scope of Practice
  • Advancement from constant supervision to independent practitioner

Clinical Fellowship Requirements

  • 36 weeks of full-time (35 hours per week) experience (or the equivalent part-time experience), totaling a minimum of 1260 hours. Part-time work can be completed, as long as the clinical fellow works more than 5 hours per week. Working more than 35 hours per week will not shorten the minimum requirement of 36 weeks.
  • Mentoring by an individual holding ASHA certification in speech-language pathology. It is the responsibility of the clinical fellow to verify certification of the mentoring SLP, and it can can be done through the online ASHA Certification Verification System or by contacting the ASHA Action Center at 1-800-498-2071.
  • A score of "3" or better on the core skills in the final segment of the experience, as rated by the Speech-Language Pathology Clinical Fellowship (SLPCF) mentor using the SLP Clinical Fellowship Skills Inventory (CFSI) form.
  • 80% of time must be spent in direct clinical contact (assessment/diagnosis/evaluation, screening, treatment, report writing, family/client consultation, and/or counseling) related to the management of disordered that fit within the ASHA Speech and Language Pathology Scope of Practice.
  • Submission of an approvable CF Report and Rating Form.

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